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PTA Meeting @ Nearby School Today

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LOL-We live near an elementary school and the principal is like, seemingly all Filipinos, in that she literally LOVES spending hours with a microphone shoved in her mouth, and volume turned up so she can be heard miles away.

The meeting started at 1, and it is now 4:30, and meeting still ongoing. Of course school was let out for the PTA meeting.

The first 2 hours the principal hogged the mike, and since then, she has intermittently allowed other folks to yell for awhile.

I was sure that NONE of it had anything to do with education, but to be sure, asked my caretaker.

Yep, sure enough,it has ALL been about some pageant they are going to have and how much money everybody needs to give for this entertainment.

OHH!!!! and how much "practice" time it will take, both during school and weekend.

Now it seems it's entertainment and 'snack-drink' time, and "It's All about Dabaa" is blasting.

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