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MECO installs 13.8 KV wire upgrade In Kalawisan

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Greetings! The squeeky wheel gets the grease! Today we had a 7 hour black out while MECO installed the 13.8 KVAC upgrade.

We have had flashing lights for several months, power down to 184 VAC at times. AC pulsed all day.

Now reads 222, VAC, but it is cool. Will see when it is hot if AC still surges.

They made it a point to bring me a copy of the letter so I would see they were trying their best so I would stop calling them.

Bless their hearts.


I can barely get up the stairs to the engeners office, but they act like they got the devil himself present when I go. I never am rude, or openly threatning in any matter, cause I still got to get back down them killer stairs, one nudge, and its all over for me.

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Perhaps you should talk with Wolfpack and let him know how you did it,

He has some issues he wants fixed as well.

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Cant PM you, is that part of the warning point punishment?

What problem is he having?

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