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Electrical Wiring and Grounding?

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The longest runs are about 70 feet. 


It's been a long time, but basically you want to compute the voltage drop for the load you intend to place on the circuit. Failing to size this right can result in the old "the lights dim when the fridge kicks on" syndrome. If your electrician seems incompetent you can either just go up a size to be safe, or I bet there is an online calculator to help with this stuff nowadays. 

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Just a warning if you are in a VECO supply area or any other area that are supplied with 2 hots   They use single pole light switches, so even when you turn the light switch off you still have 1

Most use the RCD or RCCB term these days as the "ground fault" is often read as to require a ground to operate which is not the case.  In the USA these are normally only used in wet point areas (pool/

My breaker box

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