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Generator Runs on Water! HOAX

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Just wondering if I could sell the San Juanico Bridge....hmmmmm Condo base, beautiful views, be among the first to own part of this unique property, have your own treehouse in the Philippines, security provided...swimming, boating, near first class malls.....Own your prestigious address now....act now and we give a 30% discount to foreigners paying cash.


attachicon.gifsan juanico bridge.jpg

I was interested in your proposal, But have to decline due to poor Internet availability, Give me a call when Fiber is available.

When you call, Just ask Lucifer to put the Gorilla on the line, because that is where I will be by then  :yahoo:

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From the above linked site:


The portable water generator making headlines on BIN and PESWIKI appears to me to be a fraud.

In the unit are two 12 Volt batteries. One battery has fairly heavy wires connected to it that are then connected to the 3000 watt DC to AC inverter. The 3000 watt inverter powers an AC motor that is connected by a drive belt, to a low RPM permanent magnet alternator with built in rectifiers producing a DC output. The alternator he is using is a unique dual stator model that is manufactured by Missourri Wind Power.  The alternator produces high amperage at low RPM and comes in a 12/24 volt or 24/48 volt configuration. The high amperage DC output of the alternator then powers the 2000 watt DC to AC inverter, which in turn, powers the Shop Vac, the stereo and the drill. The second battery may just be there to fill up the space and make it look good, or may be to power guages, or the permanent magnet, ‘stationary armature’ alternator that is bolted to the water tank, or perhaps the fan at the opposite end. There is nothing in this unit to indicate the presence of any type of power generation from water.


The article above didn't mention the diversion load, labeled below, that is used with wind turbines to burn off excess power not needed after a battery bank is fully charged. This too, looks like an item manufactured by Missouri Wind & Solar.


Screenshot 2015-06-02 13.38.46.jpg


Not sure if this guy has any relation to MW&S. But, I would be very cautious as to what business I did with them, as well. They have a reputation for overselling their wind turbines' capabilities.

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So U bought one?


No but he sold plenty!

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