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My name is Jack.


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Btw, gotta a stupid question - what does the emoticon; LMAO mean?




This is where you may have a problem with online dating... there are so many acronyms used.


But I think you will have a better chance to really get to know someone from exchanging emails and chats. You can build a real relationship over months and even years online before you ever meet the person. You will really know more about each other. Pictures and how the person will not even matter as long as you get a long with the person.

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Hi Jack


I can feel you on the divorces, I just went thru my second painful divorce last year. But we're still young, so we'll be able to find someone. As Mr. Lee said, i wouldn't rule out internet dating either. I think there are some really honest, sweet girls out there. You just have to weed through the scammers to find them. I am also planning my first trip there this winter, January in fact, and I can't wait. Good luck to you.



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