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World War II question, for other buffs?

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The pics were from the Hillsboro, Oregon airshow in 2004. 

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Thought any of you that had not seen this would appreciate it  

Thought some of you might like this a couple of minutes on what it was to look out a norden bomb sight  

I think they stuck to whatever the set target was.   


I counted 50+ missions for that plane (bombs on fusaloge).

I thiught 25 was the magick number for going home?

Originally they flew until they were downed. Bad for morale. When they first put a limit on the number of missions for B-17 crews it was 25. Later increased to 35 as fighter planes accompanied the bombers. It may have been increased again after that to 50. Ask Headshot. We discussed this a while back.

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How many missions were flown depended on where there were and when crew members served. Basically, some flew 25, others flew 35, 40, 50 and unlimited missions. Not every AAC unit had mission limits. A lot depended on survivability at the time, but even when survivability was low, some areas had high limits or no limits...depending largely on the commanders.


In the beginning of the war in Europe, there were lots of enemy fighters, tons of flak and no escort fighters, so once air commanders saw the long-term mission was basically unsurvivable for air crews, limits were set. Then, escort fighters were added, but they didn't have enough range to reach the targets. Finally, the P-51 came into play as the primary bomber escort fighter, enemy fighters became rare, P-47's were reassigned to strafe ground targets (such as antiaircraft guns), and bomber losses dropped dramatically. As bomber losses dropped, limits were increased.


In the book, Catch-22, the fictional character, Yosarian, complained that every time he got close to the mission limit, the limit changed. Then again, Yosarian used every excuse known to man to avoid bombing missions, so under those circumstances it might have been possible to see more than one change, but it certainly would have been uncommon.

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