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Taxi / phone app for Cebu City


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Is anyone using a phone / taxi app in Cebu City ? does it work ?which one is best ?

Taxi lineup at Ayala is super slow in the  evenings......

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I use Grab Taxi, which is somewhat reliable as the taxi drivers moods, 

You pay a Php 25 booking fee, and sometimes a long wait depending where you are.


I tried Easy Taxi and its useless...

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Why not just keep the numbers of a few taxis in your cell phone?

Better yet, why not just hire the taxi driver for x number hours and have him wait, specifically, for you? 

I don't see the issue so many people have in Cebu with waiting for taxis. I just don't get it. 

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If I need a taxi from Ayala, I just go to where they drop off near Starbucks and just get in as the others are getting out.

Never had an issue with that.

But hey, Im just a Gorilla :yahoo:

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