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you are right Salty Dog    so i guess they didnt know what they are talking about :-)


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I can't find your thread on high school...


you will not believe what I heard today...


elementary school in the philippines with be 10 years from now and forever more (til they change it again...)


and high school will be 6 years...


16 years of school? "yes sir, that is what I am telling you" - Bayawan, Negros High School Admin...


anyone that went to high school last year...that did not go directly to college...must return to high school...


this is what Bayawan, Negros high school is telling their community...


it can not possibly be correct can it?


meanwhile, my wife's brother is preparing to return to high school...diploma's were not issued to students that did not report directly to college following the 2014-15 school year...


wife's parents and the rest of that community is freaking out...


I tell them calm down, it can't possibly be correct...they remind me, this is the Philippines...not America...


I still say something sounds seriously wrong here...this can not be correct...

Not sure how this rumor could actually work out to be true. In order to enroll in college, a student must use their original Form 138 (report card). So, they complete their high school requirements, make sure their fees are paid, that sort of thing. Then they recieve their Form 138. At that point, the child can go on to college, using the Form 138. Or not


In fact, it is more confusing since one of the complaints about the new system is that there are insufficient numbers of teachers for the two additional years of education. The colleges are griping because next year there will be no population of freshman entering college and this will continue for two years. Then, the students who remained for grades 11 and 12 will start college.


When the K-12 was first discussed I think there was some sort of proposal for a transition period where students could opt to go to college or remain for grades 11 and 12. I vaguely recall these details but it seemed like was a stopgap measure to ensure employment of college professors while lessening the impact on existing high schools.


K-12 is:


1 year of Kindergarten

6 years of primary education

4 years of Junior High School

2 years of Senior High School


That is 13 years of school. This is from the DEPED website.

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