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studying in Cebu - 17 year old male high school graduate from Canada

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Salty Dog

Good idea, I already did this some time ago, both my older sons sure enjoyed the gaming in Internet caffees. As to attention, it can get too much, if old farts like us get a lot of attention, imagine what happens to a 17 year old? He is already getting annoyed by a lot of facebook requests where he gets tagged by Filipino girls he doesn't even know.


That's why I came up with the idea of studying.


Turn a young hormonal teenage boy loose in the Philippines and studying might be the last thing on his mind... :db:

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Wouldn't he rather study, and get a recognised degree, in Canada?

well, since you asked so nicely .........   do you have the slightest idea how big Canada is ? Are you willing to move anywhere in the Country if I tell you to ?  How sure are you that Canada will a

First I wonder if he will make it thru his first year without getting sidetracked by  the girls who will love a foreigners son ... whippy ... lets get married right away

CNE Tower

The OP can send his son to UP Diliman or UP Los Banos or Ateneo if he passes the entrance exam. He doesn't have to speak Tagalog as it is not a requirement unless he is majoring in a course that requires Tagalog studies. For example, if he takes engineering, medicine, economics, and computer science, etc., all subjects are taught in English. I come from Cebu City and went to UP Diliman in the 70s, and I had classmates from UK, Israel, Italy, Spain, Iran, Nigeria, Ghana, and the U.S.


Regarding further studies in Canada and the US, I have friends and relatives who got their masters degree and PhD in the US and Canada.

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