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Hi, I am from Davao and my husband is Spanish. We are planning to move in Cebu and build our own house. Can anyone recommend a good contractor/construction company? Someone reliable but not very expensive? Can someone give me an idea on how much it costs to build your own house in Cebu?





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Dublin boy

How big would you like the house that would depend on the cost. Also the location would also vary the cost greatly.


So where do you plan to live and what size lot and house would you be looking at


Would you like a pool


I'm sorry it's vary hard to even give you an idea I guess you can look at properties for sale in cebu to get an idea of cost to buy and what you would get for your money in each location.

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You get what you pay for. A multiple story will cost you multiple million peso.

If you want cheap you could even get a nippa hut.


You will need to be more specific. Or you could tell us a rough budget and we could tell you roughly what you can build or buy.

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