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Salty Dog

I see that Pman, the Original Poster of this thread is back.

I thought I would give it a bump for you guys who weren't around back in 2015, so you could peruse it and add to it as well.

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Over 10 years, I have ridden tens of thousands of km touring the Philippines. Explored all major islands (except Masbate). My bikes for these rides have been from a Symco Stryker 150 to a Honda TransA

I have got 3 bikes in PI , and 2 in Aus. This is the Aus ones , a 1950 Panhead , Harley Davidson , and a 1973 Triumph Bonneville.  

Everyone has their resons for coming to an liking the Philippines. Mine is motorcycles and women.   I love to ride my motorcycles year round and of course the wonderful beautiful women here in the

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Wow, can't believe this is still around!


Bought this PCX 150 for my wife when we moved back to USA: 



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4 hours ago, Pman said:

Bought this PCX 150 for my wife when we moved back to USA: 

How much are they in the US?

Nevermind.  I forgot that Google is my friend.

PCX in US is $3,700.  PCX in Philippines is $2,700.

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