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Scammed / Deceived By A Bayot

Scammed / Deceived by a Bayot  

33 members have voted

  1. 1. How would you react to being tricked into an intimate situation by a bayot

    • Would you be violent ?
    • Would you demand your money back ?
    • Would you leave the room ASAP ?
    • Would you tell anybody else about it ?
    • Should they disclose their real sex upfront ?
    • Would you not care and stay ?
    • Have you ever been deceived by a bayot ?
    • Is it ok for them not to disclose their real sex ?

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What I have garnished from this thread ;


Tony I think the word you are looking for is "garnered"  

If I were a student of Freud and didn't know how absolutely, totally and completely straight you are, I might be inclined to imagine that your use of the word "garnished" in this context, displays a deep-seated and suppressed oral fixation.


I asked two simple questions,


1)  Is getting scammed by a lady-boy something we need to worry about ?
2) How many members has this happened to ?


You responded by attacking me this is the quote:

"Are you just gay and offended because us straight people had a poll about conniving deceitful other gay people" ?


Your use of the word "other gay people" is interesting, again from a Freudian perspective. For example, I talk about gay people, I wouldn't use the term "other gay people" unless I was actually gay myself.


You tell me and I quote:  "The next time you are in Cebu , get inebriated on alcohol , in a dimly lit area and we will put your 100 paces theory to test"


Tony, what you do with your social life is no ones business but your own, but let me assure you that I have no intention of getting drunk and hanging around the back streets of Cebu. Indeed, if I was ever to end up in such a predicament, I would be much happier to see a pair of lady boys mincing towards me than a couple of shaboo addicts with an attitude problem.  

Getting scammed by lady-boys is not something that keeps me awake at night. The likelihood of it happening is about the same as being devoured by a Philippine Crocodile, it is possible, but not likely.


Like most members of this site, I am closer to 65 than I am to 25. I don't go to bars or clubs, I have always preferred romance to sordid sexual encounters with strangers.

But for those who do go to bars and engage in lots of what are euphemistically referred to as "pick ups,"  may I kindly suggest that they should be much more concerned about picking up HIV, or worse, anti-biotic resistant TB, than a lady boy ?

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You pay for it, one way - or another. 

Now THAT is funny.

now, I have developed a sure fire way of determining if its a ladyboy or not   immediately following sex I offer her a beer and to watch football, if she obliges, shes a he and must leave before wee

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Oscar this thread was started because of the Scott Pemberton and Jeffrey Laude case , and I really don't think everyone on this forum has

always been 65 years old , and some members have been here for many years dating back to when they were stationed here with the armed

services in Subic Bay and the Olongapo area , as young serviceman , just like Scott Pemberton was. The poll was a public poll , if it was private ,

maybe there would be a different result , who knows. As for someone to have such a resistance to a little thing like a poll on the honesty and

integrity factor of Bayots regarding disclosure of their true sex is bizarre to say the least.

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Well, I reckon, by 10 pages, everyone has pretty much had their say. If not, they certainly have had the opportunity to do so. Now, prior to locking it, I will have the final say.





1)  Is getting scammed by a lady-boy something we need to worry about ?

2) How many members has this happened to ?


I think I pretty well addressed the first question, when I posted the story about the stairwell in Ayala Mall, and what happened to the guy there. So, yes, if you are new to Southeast Asia, and are not sure what to look for concerning men who are dressed up like women, most definitely, this is something to be worried about.


Why? Because, it could put you in a similar situation as this young marine has found himself in. Whether he is guilty or not, is irrelevant. The point is, he is in hot water now, simply because he was there.


As far as question number two goes, that's hard to say for anyone. If most members here got "scammed" by a lady boy, would they be willing to admit it, truly, openly? Who knows? I don't. It wouldn't happen to me, because I am a seasoned traveler who can pretty pick out most any lady boy by site. If not by seeing them attempting to act more feminine than a woman, then certainly by the time they open their mouths and start talking. (I saw two my first night back, while eating at a little Khmer restaurant in Siem Reap. They weren't overly happy when I laughed as they walked up.)


The bottom line here is, the information was put out there for those who MAY part take of homosexuals. It's also there for those who would not want to, but need to be forewarned. 


Now, Tony has requested that I close this thread - well, if I want to. So, I figure it's time to put it to rest. Night night, my big boy. 

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