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*In a relationship* Online.


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I had a penpal once while working on Johnston Atol about 20 years ago. Thought everything was peachy keen. Went to Singapore to meet her for 24 hours (she was working as a maid there). Signed her up for a fiancee' visa and got her into the USA lickety-split. Within a month, she disappeared to join her "true love" in Boston.


What a romantic story.  I was brimming with tears, and my heart was pumping out purple people eaters.   :coffee:


However, I am interested in one question.  Before you actually met this paradigm of virtue, and your 24 hour Singapore sling, did you actually profess true "love" (in this case on paper)?  Just seeking further assistance in my extensive research for a future book.

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Another friend of mine has just announced that he is in a committed relationship with somebody online.   They've never met.   My friend has been to Cebu a few times on holiday (he's from Hawaii) a

Ive related it here somewhere before, I was in a "committed relationship" before I got here, for at least two years, its much too long to go into again but after being here for about eight months livi

i suppose you fall in love with what you believe them to be... then you meet and either they are who you imagined or not   the biggest problem is probably that your vision will likely be clouded by

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I understand the complexities involved. I was sort of alluding towards the nuts and bolts of forming a friendship with regard to building up to an actual relationship, which incorporates the usual (old fashioned?) contact, initial meeting, dating, intimacy and perhaps sex,



yes it's hard for me to imagine this working in an online setting. usually a valid relationship for me involves slamming on the brakes in front of the vacation hotel at 3:30am while motioning for my new love interest to approach the car. 5 minutes later and i got all the stuff you listed above and more.

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One way to tell if you do like someone for their personality is to see them when they've just woken up in person or on cam

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I still find the very idea, that you can in all sincerity say "I love you" to somebody that you have never actually met, quite ludicrous.


And what is more, I am right!   :rose:


Of course I agree that many relationships start online, I'm not living in the dark ages.  I am somewhat perturbed by some of the members here, who seem to have missed the point of my original post, to go off on a tangent about the nature of love, and how it takes its course.  My whole point was to question the validity of "love" between 2 people who haven't physically met.


There is something quite amusing about seeing some people painting themselves into the corner of righteous indignation.  

lots of different kinds of love... you love your mother ? your sister? an auntie ? grandmother .. ?  a movie you say... a car you own ... 

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Before you actually met this paradigm of virtue, and your 24 hour Singapore sling, did you actually profess true "love" (in this case on paper)?


Nope. Waited to meet the girl in person.

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