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Attn: TiredOfIt (regarding Brad Fugate and the missing people on the boat thread)

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Keep dreamin.


maybe not a search party................ but a party for sure!!

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Actually I was thinking about heading to Siaton tomorrow. We had planned on going yesterday but had too many things to do. We may not find him, but should be able to determine for certain if there is

It is this type of moron , and this type of thinking that do unjustices to the genuine people in this scenario , here he is accusing Fishingbrat of being a doper well who gives a rats ass if she is o

Wouldnt it have just been easier to say " Sorry for calling you a liar" ?   Sometimes people here try to impress with their vast knowledge and experiences and really paint themselves as a complete j

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Well, TiredOfIt, I hope you and the rest of your family are happy. You believed the shit that ol' Dave Arnold sold you, every word. Had you done appropriate research first, this entire thing may have turned out much differently. 


I can see that Brad got all the brains and sense in the family.

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Scott, I didn't call her a liar. I said I found it hard to believe (it's not the same thing). Then she explained how it happened, and I believe her. If she feels I called her a liar, then I apologize. Haven't you ever read anything that went against your experiences and you wondered how it could be?


It's too bad you feel that way about me., but I'm really not out to impress you at all. Nor am I trying to impress anyone else.

I know a dealer in a casino with PTSD. Two tours as a CB, having both bases blown out from under him. So. he says, shit, transfers to fleet only to wind up on a tin can off NVA with them shooting at the him, and ship got hit. He joined with the intent of a career, but said feck it, mustered out as soon as possible in Hawaii. never to sail again.  He hides on the fourth of July.

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