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Foreigner and 5 locals go missing on fishing trip in Negros Oriental

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Hi Paul,

I just presume some people know. 

Apart of this, there were no real serious investigations made in the starting point and in the supposed arrival.

Just the sampling of DNA..and with no complete results.

Criminal actions or possibilities of hiding of knowledge have been rejected like conspiracy theories.

I just just think nothing is known and so not any conclusion can be done. 

No Paul, I dont think some people know and dont share in this very forum, I dont expres properly. They all gave just a lot of help and friendship.

Friendly, John.


I take it you haven't been to the Philippines, or perhaps other Third World countries before? It's completely different world, here. 


Money often determines legal results. 

Services are severely lacking, corrupt, or more often - simply inept.

People, quite often, just do not perform the duties assigned to them in their jobs. 


There is no telling which of these is lacking, in this case. Probably, a combination of all three?

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This is all pretty weird.


Any confirmation of this?

That's all I know his sister apparently posted that and someone had to copy and paste it for me to see on Facebook forum searching for Brad since she blocked me. I was told she received an email stating it is not Brad. All we know for sure is that Christina has been positively identified. I have tried to see in the news papers there if there is any reports of the DNA being a match to one of the other men missing. So frustrating not knowing if there was an error or where the hell Brad is. I know that I miss my dear buddy, My SPAM Man! I don't know whether or not to hold on to hope he may be found alive or accept that he is gone forever. Where he is I just know so many miss him.

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I'm one of the many that miss that jackass !

He was something special for sure.



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2 hours ago, sugbu777 said:

Saw this on the news this morning. Unfortunately, this family will never get any real answers. Just like the guy and his girlfriend who disappeared while on a fishing trip, I think it was about a year or so ago. Whatever happened with that.

His GF washed up on Palawan about 2 weeks after they went missing. Brad Fugate's body was never found.

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48 minutes ago, govoner said:

The DNA test came back negative, not him.


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