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Solar: A practical investment in the Philippines?

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No, the concept of Net Metering is that your meter is "spinning backwards" - how it is actually implemented does not really matter (though Veco will install a bidirectional meter as well). So your consumption is "Net".


Sorry. Yes, I understand what net metering is. I was saying that I thought VECO had a different system in place.

I believed it to be, as you understood Woolf's post to read. If that makes sense?

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I was saying that I thought VECO had a different system in place.


I think you are referring to FIT. But if you are just a homeowner producing power Net metering will apply. Excerpt fro wiki:


“Net-metering allows customers of Distribution Utilities (DUs) to install an on-site Renewable Energy (RE) facility not exceeding 100 kilowatts (kW) in capacity so they can generate electricity for their own use. Any electricity generated that is not consumed by the customer is automatically exported to the DU’s distribution system. The DU then gives a peso credit for the excess electricity received equivalent to the DU’s blended generation cost, excluding other generation adjustments, and deducts the credits earned to the customer’s electric bill.” (https://www.doe.gov.ph/netmeteringguide/index.php/1-how-net-metering-works-understanding-the-basics-of-policy-regulation-and-standards)


Thus Philippine consumers who generate their own electricity and sell their surplus to the utility are paid what is called the "generation cost" which is often less than 50% of the retail price of electricity.(feed in tariffs). 


While FIT are fix rates.

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So I got the montly bill for Feb.

31 days

Billed 231 kwh

2500 pesos.


I'm terrible at math. Is it worth it to invest in veco solar power? How long would it take to get back the investment and how much would we make on a monthly basis after?

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