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Project: Improvised autark surveillance system (geek stuff)

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Sometimes I'm not in my apartment for months on end. While there is basic 24/7 security in my place....I'd never know if somebody entered or not, especially with staff and security having master keys.


So I was thinking to install a cheap, low key surveillance system, maybe using old components or cheap electronics.


Would be interested to hear your ideas, or maybe I'm just thinking too complicated and there are budget turn key solutions readily available?


So far my thoughts go like this:


1. Evidence collection. Use an old Android phone opposite my main entrance with camera to take pics and auto upload to Dropbox or similar service via mobile network upon movement, door opening etc.




2. Trigger. Movement detector, no idea yet, how to connect that or maybe there's an app for that for the mobile phone sensors or camera?


3. Power supply. Since I don't like devices plugged in here with all those power problems and melting chinese chargers or power supplies, I was thinking about something like a small solar power source, similar to those CDR King panels, see below.




Those I had in mind to connect to my old phone. Would that be sufficient to charge battery during the day? My windows face the sun (if there's any) directly for about 8 hours a day, mainly morning until after lunch time.


What else would I need? Has anybody undertaken a similar project? What did you use, what were your experiences, what were your costs?


How about taking pics in the dark? Maybe connect a small dim light to the power source also? Use flash on the phone (might be no good idea, since it would be pulled out right away after before getting a chance to upload pics). Still finding ideas....

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There are numerous ip cameras around for sale, if you keep your internet on while you are gone, then if set to, they would take photos of any motion and email them to you and the ones I have also have infrared for darkness times. I saw some in CDR King or some can be ordered online HERE from one company that seems to have some in most price ranges. 

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