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PI Security and Safety

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Why don't we all play nice and stick to the topic.


First, last, and only warning.

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I wonder about the intentions of this post myself.


The way that SkyHi addressed Harry in post 6 ("Yes Sir HTM") has me wondering if it is Harry trying to pull a fast one on us with an alter ego. What say you, Harry? ;)

I don

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I know admin and senior mods have a tough no pay under payed responsibility with sites such as this but these ppl purly know it all, seen it all, done it all Fux that want to type when they should observe, or are just plain beligerent. Ask yourself why would someone inform total strangers of the pitfalls within the PI. I wont disclose more or waste time. I am simply personaly involved with families of those that are no longer. I am banking on the fact that this wont be monitored by officials that would raise a stir yet somehow get the message across...I was warned knowing the types that frequent LIC ususally are ready for a fight, dispute known truths and are generally to headstrong for their own wellbeing! I called it..good luck ..no more wasted effort here if the mod wants a private traceroute..let me know

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SkyHI, Thank you for the info you posted but you hit the nail on the head and some do not wish to listen to anyone and some always think they know more than everyone else, but supplying us with a two year old case that has been on America's most wanted and other TV shows as well as all over the news, does not give you much credibility or give them any reason to think you know any more than anyone else who reads the news. :thumbsup:


BTW, I like your avatar, ;) and I know that there are bad things that happen all over the Philippines as well as all over the rest of the world but we cannot stop living just because they happen. Everyone should take the normal precautions that they would take whenever in a place where they stand out, but they should not stop living because it could be dangerous, or those who cause terror win.


I have already told my wife and family to never pay a centavo for me and to just consider me to be dead if I am ever kidnapped because they also know that I would never go without a fight. We have traveled deep into Mindanao but I do try to stay away from areas that I know have been problems, but I also know people who haven't got a clue about their personal safety who have traveled into some of those hot spots and never had a problem. I guess it is all about being in the wrong place at the wrong time or not being there when the sh*t hits the fan.


There is also no need to check your ip because I can appear to be anywhere in the world that I wish to if I wanted to hide where I actually am. :thumbsup: Thank you and if you wish to give more in depth info, our ears are open, but do not expect it to scare us away from the Philippines.

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Security is always a good thing to keep in the forefront of one's mind whereever you go. I have a home on Cebu but usually live in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur on Mindanao, the thick of NPA country but 120 klicks north of the nearest Muslim concentration. right now we are surrpunded on 3 sides, Front 3 and 20 of the NPA, , which are as close as 2 klicks to my east in Surigao Province just down my road. anyway, security guards, etc. are useless in any capacity.


The best guards here about carry pumps which are going to do absolutely nothing if it comes to it, and pistol permits are non-existent for non-citizens. Short of getting citizenshiip, it helps to haev alot of family well trained in firearms, and if you have to, do what you need to do to have peace fo mind (do not want to get into ilegal issues).


In the cities, especially Cebu, crime is the problem not insurrection. Cebu as a whole is great, no malria, very low Dengue rates, no armed organisations outside the govt. aside from franternities in universities which function more like street gangs. Drug realted crime is always an issue. Common sense dictates that as a foreigner in the Philippines you are already perceived as "rich" and stand out like a sore thumb, so always be on your toes. With this in mind, you can alwayshope to have an enjoyable experience.


Travelling to the south though, like my island, is always soemthing that needs to be considered carefully. Most cities are fine, even for crime, in daytime. Davao does have islamic groups operating but with the current mayor has managed thus far to keep the airport bombing from repeating itself. Cotabato is the beginning of the real battleground for Muslim realted violence. NEVER travel Cotabato, ARMM, Basilan, Zam, Jolo, sulu, et al without taking very real precautions and even then think it through. Kidnap for Ransom is the real danger as most here I am sur eknow.


MrLee: Not to be antagonistic but the news is not worth much here. Just 1 village away (Compostela) soldiers were slaughtered in an ambush 5 days ago. After that incident there has been a news blackout on the fighting here. How would people not living on Mindinao be able to plan anything safely by following the news? Short of talking to folks who have just been there for extended lengths, or people there now, it is just relying on major emdia which is absolutely useless. So, the ebst thing is to err on the side of caution.

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... has me wondering if it is Harry trying to pull a fast one on us with an alter ego. ... :D


Not unless he has managed to travel far faster than the average passenger jet!


We do check the IP's, and although it is possible to use proxy's etc, few bother, and even that gets found out eventually.


Meanwhile, why not just accept each post as informational.

Like any information, you may or may not agree with it, but that doesnt detract from its validity.

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