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Lee From Cebu

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It is very difficult to spot the drunks when you have never seen them sober....and all this time you just thought they have a personality disorder..


I myself would worry much more about robbery/muggings if anything....than murders...

or worry about the drivers if you travel out of town on the national hwys where some speed can be reached to do a lot of damage during a head-on....hmmmm that's the same thing I worry about here in the USA...


One thing always comes back in that I have never been in any town/city in the PI that I worried about my safety even walking around at night...vs here in San Antonio, I won't go down town after dark to do anything that puts me on the streets. it is just more logical to stay away.


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matt what part of the UK are you talking about ..?? As for drunks surley you are not comparing the drunks in UK to the singing drunks of cebu... drinking is a national pastime here... them are not wolves you hear whinning in the nighttime in cebu.. just out of tune drunks

Robert, the drunks Matt is talking about do not compare to the happy guys and dolls in Cebu/PI having a karaoke session. He is talking about 16 to 25 year olds drinking vast quantites of booze, vomitting in the bar and drinking a load more (the smell in city bars is all pervading vomit). Then going out the bar, the women semi naked, having sex against lamp posts, fighting and screamimg, that's still the women. The men will fight, go down streets breaking car windows, fighting with strangers probably involving a knife. Breaking house windows and assulting passer bye is normal, especially if you are different colour.


You have no idea what a British city is like in the evening. I CAN TELL YOU, Cebu is a haven of peace. Go there some day and find out how lucky you are. Jesus, UK and booze is out of control and I'm talking England. Matt, no disrespect but Scotland adds about 20% to that.


Let a Brit who lives there tell me I'm wrong.

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Guess you have not been to some of the bars in talisay... here you get drunk and sing and if someone does not give you your turn you get a bolo and chop off his head.. or just wait till he walks home and shot him .. I think for me i would rather be shot then cut with them friggin 40 inch knives so many carry.. oh yea its for cutting firewook officer .. or i am a farmer so i need to carry a bolo..

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