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I recently got an email from Mayen, who used to be the in charge at the Bank of Commerce on Osmena Circle in Cebu City, she now works for a large insurance company and just as she has helped myself and quite a few friends and members of this forum to open bank accounts in Cebu City in past years and has been very helpful with getting us the best exchange rates without ever having to leave that bank, she now told me she can help members to get insurance.

Below is part of her email, I have Paul's permission to post this.



We do have hospitalization coverage even with pre-existing condition but only for those age 55 years old and below...for those older than 55 years old, we have various products for them but i would have to sit down with them and discuss what pre-existing condition they have and how serious it is.. 

Also i now deal with all types of insurances, for house, car, life, health.

Mayen will be posting again on this forum soon, she had been way too busy running that bank but now tells me she will have more time, but in the mean time if anyone wants her contact information then please send me a private message and I will send it your way. 


I make nothing off this and do not wish to make anything off this other than helping members and helping a fine young lady (Mayen) who has helped myself and many friends and acquaintances over the years. 

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Thanks Lee, I commit to render the same quality of service that you and some of the guys in this forum, have come to expect from me...

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