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  • A pity-evoking scam: a beggar approaches you and shows you a gaping wound filled with pus. He tells you that he needs tetanus shots, but can't afford them. You buy him the shots and offer to take him to a doctor, too. By then, he disappears. Then, he goes back to the pharmacy and gets a refund.


    Bait and switch: You are met by hotel reps at the  ( bus/train/boat/ air-)station. They tell you that the rates are so much and show you brochures. Then, they take you to the hotel and ask you to pay the fare. You pay and they go. Now, the front desk tell you that there's no such rate and you end up paying 30%-50%-100% more. What're you gonna do in a strange city which you don't know anything about? Your bags are by your side, you're tired and hungry and want to rest.

  • "I have no change":  You take a taxi and get to your destination. You pull out a bill and he says:" I have no change". What're you gonna do in the middle of nowhere? You end up paying him with large bills. Always get smaller bills and coins.

  • Spilled my food! A man bumps into you with a Styrofoam plate and his food is on the road now. He accuses you of pushing him and depriving him of his meal. You now have to give him money to buy new food.

  • Fake porter/Driver. Where? Airports in developing countries. You walk out and people ask you if you need a taxi. You say- yes. They grab your bag and take you to it. Then, he asks for a big tip. You think it's a driver but it's not. It's an unregistered porter. Sometimes, there are two of them offering services you didn't ask for.



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