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Indian tomato soup is NOT simple!


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Greetings! Went to that Indial spice seller, he is not a spice market, but a quick stop. I found some intresting things like LOOOONG grain rice!

He had no curry ( its coming the girl said), bought a all spice that tast like a curry dish, will suffice till the real thing gets here.

Bought what was said to be red curry, it was not. Their english is worse than mine, it turns out it is tomato soup, but with Indian influences.

The problem is the pack (200 grams) is a 50-55 person serving! WTF! Strong S--T!

There are about 4 other ingreadents you need to add to make the finished soup, one is listed as being used by the Roman Legion ( 9th Legion) untill it became extinct, then they found a substatute!

DAM! its only tomato soup!

Ghee is clarified butter, but is roasted, from raw cows milk, and asafoetida and mustard are to be ground into it!

Raw tomatos (60g) and only 1/2 TS of the soup mix are to finish it off.

I tried to go to Indian cooking pages, but altho english, the ingreadents are not in my vocalbualiry, and none say how to substitute other ingreadents for this.

Now I know why Indians are always smiling or have that wild look in their eyes!

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What names do you have for those ingredients and which area of India is your base from?


Any butter is OK for Ghee, grind mustard seeds in a pepper grinder. Hing is the common name for Asafoetida.


I used to run an Indian resto and Indian food is one of my passions.


Ask one of the turkos, they are quite forthcoming when you are looking for Indian spices.

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If you think  Indian spicy tomato soup is difficult , try the Mulligatawny, an anglo/indian soup, available in a Heinz can but equally interesting if made fresh.

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Greetings! South, I think, Tamarind extract, jaggery, (rasam)

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