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Introducing the Mujahideen Diet: ISIS Now Has a Cookbook

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It’s as if the ISIS leadership has been binge-watching Martha Stewart videos.
Last month, the ISIS agency for women, which was created to “prepare sisters for the battlefields for jihad,” unvieled a finishing school for women who are “interested in explosive belt and suicide bombing more than a white dress or a castle or clothing or furniture.” It preached skills like learning how to sew and staying fit. It also noted the importance of being useful in the kitchen—“you are going to cook for Allah’s soldiers,” it reminded readers.
Now the Zawra Institution, as the agency is known, is following up with food-prep tips. It has released the first chapter of its cookbook to help the wives of Mujahideen whip up the most savory recipes of the caliphate this season.
The first recipe in the Zawra Institution’s cookbook is easy to make and packed with calories. As explained in ISIS official forum Tribune Media Jihadist, the best food to eat during a break in battle is balls of date mush. “It is a quick recipe for a mild appetite to be eaten with coffee or with water and eaten at any time, especially during the intermission in battles,” the post reads.
Indeed, balls of date mush appears to be a pretty foolproof recipe. It has only three ingredients:
1. Some yummy Mujahideen dates:
2. A chunk of solid Mujahideen butter:
3. And Mujahideen millet.
1. Take the pits out of the Mujahideen dates.
2. Melt the Mujahideen butter over a fire.
3. Mix the Mujahideen butter and Mujahideen dates.
4. Mix in the Mujahideen millet.
5. Combine, then roll the Mujahideen mixture into little tiny balls of Mujahideen buttered-date goodness.
6. Voilà! You have a perfect Mujahideen snack that’ll fit in a Mujahideen’s pocket.
“They contain significant calories, and will extend the power and strength of the Mujahideen, God willing,” the post says.
When ISIS isn’t talking recipes, it’s trying to take over the Middle East with brutal tactics. Recently, the group has been linked to the abductions and public executions of scores — possibly hundreds — of Sunni tribesmen in western Iraq who attempted to resist the group’s advances.

they also have pancakes (just used the browsers translation tool on this not sure how perfect it is... happy cooking)






The name of God the Merciful 
and prayers and peace be upon our leader and Hfiena Muhammad and his family and him:


To Alonsariat Naasrat and migrant-grained 
God bless their quest and Ovgahm and Sddhm 
and heroes stationed victory God Ozb them 
dedicate recipe II: 
recipe Alban Cake ] 
recipe very quick and easy preparation and appetite with honey or with others 
can Mujahideen her meal breakfast or dinner 
and can migrant work and supply Mujahideen before scurrying out of the fighting fronts 
and extend the Mujahideen energy and power, God willing,


The need for the amounts available Bsatho God willing /


Ingredients: (Note / the brothers and sisters doubling the amounts based on the number)


1 egg




2. 4 tablespoons sugar 
(large spoon spoon eating and not in the picture)




3-Oil by one large spoon




4 teaspoon salt by




4. cup milk as the picture




4. Finally cup flour








Keep all ingredients in a bowl and Nkhaltha well





Then prohibit the pan: Note (the pan in which anti-stick images)


The same pan type is not available when the mujahideen brothers and sisters migrant 
quite a bit of use regular pan with a little oil painted each time before pouring milk cake by




Make the pan over medium heat, then pour milk cake in the form of a circle 



Then awaiting until bubbles appear, a sign that he is ready to become a heart on the other side




Venqlbh to mature the other side




We reiterate mix poured the mixture or in the form of a circle each time and left to mature with both sides to equip our number of tablets Alban Cake


This method Bouktsar 
offers milk cake with honey




You may sisters migrant work Alban cake 
and put it in bags Mujahideen in going for mooring and other




We ask God to benefit recipe heroes Mujahideen 
and call for the application of migrant Naasrat recipe and serve them heroes


We ask God to make our blessing valid purely for His sake ..


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I bet those pancakes are so good that Allah himself would be proud to come down from heaven just to have a taste of them with a helping of dates on the side. Yum, Yum.

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