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Sorry sir, we do not give cash refunds; exchanges only

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South better get accustomed to the female servers calling you honey, sweet,  darlin'



Oh I was at a restaurant in the South once....waitress called the man of the couple sitting at the next table honey....wife responds he's not your honey and it was on.    Waitress was shocked into speechless-ness.    Pretty entertaining!

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Customer Service used in the same sentence as philippines is an oxymoron

No it is not my money you are correct , you published your grievance on a public forum and I simply asked what goods the refund / exchange were pertaining to ,   and rather than divulge this secret

You bought some tools and because you made a bad judgement you now expect the shop to take them back and give you a refund? I must be missing something here, I would have thought the store credit was


Sorry .. what I meant to say was huge stacks of bags of dog food and other fine quality, random items that they could not satisfactorily display in their appropriate areas of the store.

i have been there its a mess 

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