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Vice Mayor Assasinated in Villaba, Leyte

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even with bodyguards its not safe around election times... lets not forget a well know lawyer with a politician brother was its said gunned down by some police in the highway patrol using cars from their own storage lots.. money is the root to all evil especially where its scarce

Believe me, the elected officials around here are laying low because no one knows which way the wind is gonna blow.  My gf is very nervous, but she is so low on the totem pole that it is unlikely she is in any danger.  She is thinking seriously about getting a gun, but I'm afraid I might be the next victim!  LOL

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The Vice Mayor of Villaba Leyte was shot dead in his restaurant in Villaba today at around noon.  A man walked in and shot him point blank, an estimated 15 times.  Killer didn't attempt to hide his id

The Vice Mayor has been to our house with his wife and was a warm and very likable guy.  One of the good guys, if any politicians can be so classified.  My gf just was in a meeting with him on Friday

My take is that more mayors like  Duterte = less crap like this.

Dublin boy

Let's hope she is safe and considers moving out of politics Mr Easy

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Let's hope she is safe and considers moving out of politics Mr Easy

my wife has a few family in politics most in the south... last election she had her nephew and cousin running for the same post man did that cause family problems and hate... politics suck

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... politics suck


not many gonna disagree with that

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