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Flying Business or First Class

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That's an issue with me. While I don't use a laptop, being a big guy, when the seat in front is in full reclined position I almost feel claustrophobic. No way can I even put the tray table down.


I know someone will say that's what I get for being a fatass, but regardless of the reason, it's just not comfortable.


By the way, the premium economy on Cathay Pacific is like the first class on the domestic flights in the US. It's much less cost than business class, so it might be a good alternative. I can fly that from Cebu all the way home for a little more than PAL Business from Manila to LAX, which still requires me to get to Manila and then from LAX to Florida.



Take my money.


They have a frequent flyer program? I only see the marco polo program that you have to pay 50 dollars for.

Okay, I just looked at air fares and for me and business class is $4k more than coach. FIrst Class is $14k more. That's crazy money considering all you get is a nicer seat, extra peanuts and people treating you like your special. Besides, I don't think I could could pull off that "self-satisfied" look everyone seems to have when riding up front.  :cool:

Didn't see the part about the lap dances?

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Note to self: Have Matrix upgrade my ticket to "Business Class". 

Not sure how to reply. How can people afford Business or First Class? Some people earn more than others... some work for large companies... it's as simple as that.   I think the cost of First Class

LOL.  The last time I flew First Class, they came around with a crystal dish piled with dinner rolls.  I reached out to grab one and got my hand slapped with the tongs.  (You're supposed to point one

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