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One of my Favorite Meals

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How the feck did that end up as a double post.

Internet is shit



Bah Humbug

hmmm i thought you had a double serving...my fault ...sorry

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I like tortas, which are basically an egg omelet with everything but the kitchen sink mixed into the egg. I like ampalaya with scrambled eggs. I like pork tocino. I like banana fritters and banana-que. I like fresh fruit smoothies, but I like the ones I make the best.


One thing I really don't like is the way they totally destroy good seafood (especially good fish) here. They seem to think that overcooked and dry as shoe leather is somehow good. Most island nations are known for great seafood. The Philippines is not one of those IMHO. If I want good seafood, I cook it myself on the grill.


They also overcook every other kind of meat known to man. Pork, beef and chicken are cooked to the point they are barely recognizable. Goat is stewed, so it doesn't matter. They do make some great soups, though, using all of the aforementioned meats.


Truthfully, though I do like some Filipino foods, if there is a choice between Filipino food and almost any other kind of food on the menu, I will almost always choose the non-Filipino food.

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