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Expats living rough in the Philippines

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I don't fully agree with that.  I worked with homeless vets at the VA for a year and in my experience the are homeless because they have serious mental illness issues and/or they are substance abusers.  They don't really set out to choose that life style, it's sometimes the only choice they have.  We have decimated the mental health system in the US.  The few mental institutions that are around are filled beyond capacity with very dysfunctional people.  They are all under funded and under staffed, so they do not keep any but the most serious in the facility.  


You can't really address the homeless issue unless you address their mental illness and desire to get high.


Well, since you chose to only use a snippet of my post to quote, let me elaborate...


Why would you assume that foreigners living like this make all expats look bad? That is like saying that because there are homeless men in the US living under bridges, it reflects poorly on all Americans. Many who live rough...CHOOSE to live that way. Yes...they may have mental illness issues, but it no way reflects on an entire group of people. It only reflects on that individual. Why do people somehow believe that another's choices reflect on them? It isn't logical.


First of all, I said MANY. I didn't say ALL.


Second, if an expat is living in the Philippines, they DID make choices that got them here. If they have a mental illness, but are still living outside of a facility, then US (or whatever country they come from) government considers that they are still high functioning enough to be making their own choices. If they came to the Philippines, then they were high functioning enough to get on the plane. If they are a drug addict, they still made choices that got them there. I have never heard of an addict who was forced to take that first puff or sniff or injection. Nobody would choose addiction, but many make choices that lead them into addiction.


Third, I don't want to address the homeless "issue" at all. For me, it isn't an issue. You are correct that mental illness is an issue because there are many who should be institutionalized who aren't. Is the "desire to get high" an issue? It may be, but I'm afraid it isn't one that can be corrected. That desire is stronger in some people than it is in most. Nevertheless, addicts have made choices that took them down that road toward addiction.


Fourth, not all of those who choose to live rough (either in the US or in other countries) are mentally ill or addicts. They just CHOOSE to live that way.

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I found this small news feature on expats living rough in Thailand, many similar stories in the Philippines i imagine...seems to be a theme that the wife kicked them out of HER home, another plus for the Condo.


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