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2 foreigners shot dead in Cagayan de Oro

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My familie in law live there on the corner and also heart the story direct from the girls there.

Direct where talking about love triangle.

I am always there on the first resort apple tree and can tell the neberhood is on night time danger

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Unfortunately, Daisy, she will never get it. She might as well move on. I only met Michael Turner once. That was at Mike Mike's place in CDO. We had gone to a couple of places and had a few beers toge

Just seems unimaginable to suffer a violent death at an advanced age. I guess if some old guys act like the old guys I know back in Chicago, then they'd take no crap off a young Filipino and probably

Yes, she needs to Paul, in fact she is working now on her widow's visa, her son's US passport and all that is related to Michael and the "US Embassy"   As to the two guys, it's sad but nobody seems

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