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Punishment now in Manila for not eliminating DENGUE breeding sites

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Having had dengue myself I believe this virus is the biggest danger in this country


I like the fact that Manila is taking this seriously and willing to fine offenders who risk public safety. I chose to  live on Manila bay for the sea breeze, convenience to casinos and cleaner condos with fewer mosquito breeding areas  but I have seen vacant land on Manila Bay with old tyres and several potential mosquito breeding areas. I hope the government throw the book at these corporate entities 




"In the capital of the country, Manila, the City Council just recently passed an ordinance that would make it punishable by fine for residents to not eliminate mosquito breeding sites inside or outside of their homes. The Anti-Dengue Ordinance of Manila, authored by Councilor Cristina Isip states:

“Households, schools and other establishments are prohibited to have any of the following breed sites or habitat [for] Aedes mosquitoes in their own premises and surroundings: uncovered water containers, uncovered garbage cans, earthen or clay jars, discarded cans, bottles, plastic cups or any containers potentially collecting rainwater, old tires that accumulate water, clogged roof gutters, pits, diggings and excavations.”

Fines for repeat violators can range from up to P4,000 (roughly $92 US) or jail time."



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