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Who Was Mr. Ramil Bono?

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Sometimes we take the services of the security guards here for granted. I use them for a source of usually (not always) good directions, etc... not even thinking that they may be in the front line for crap like this...


Yesterday afternoon I was at a restaurant with my wife when I noticed the newspaper headline about a guard being killed so I read the story... I could not help feeling compassion for the deceased guard, Mr. Ramil Bono. I never knew him, never visited the store he guarded... but According to news reports he worked at this store for twelve years before he died in the line of duty.


What a piece of shit the ones that killed him are. Nothing more. And for what?


Upon reading about this tragic story one thing stuck in my mind:


"Bono’s boss, Danny Lupina, described the slain security guard as a “good and humble man.” Lupina said that Bono has shown exemplary service since he started working with them in 2002."


Rest in peace Mr. Bono. You died with honor.








FATAL CALL OF DUTY. Security guard Ramil Bono (top) lies dead after the robbers shot him. He had tried to stop the two men from robbing the Avon Tabunok store in Talisay City. Mayor Johnny de los Reyes (top, leftmost) visits the crime scene and orders the city police chief to arrest the killers immediately. Footage of the store’s CCTV camera captured the robbers (in dark and white shirts) walking up the steps toward the store but keeping their faces hidden with their caps.



CEBU (Updated) - A security guard was killed when two armed men tried to rob a branch of Avon Beauty Center in Talisay City Thursday afternoon.


Ramil Bono, 44, died minutes after he was shot in the neck and stomach by one of two armed men who tried to rob the Avon shop in Barangay Tabunok around 2 p.m. Thursday.


The robbers fled the shop empty-handed.


Bono, a native of Bohol, was guarding the shop when an unidentified man wearing a black cap and jacket entered the establishment at 1:55 p.m.


Another man, wearing a black cap, white shirt and shorts, waited outside the shop. A witness, who did not want to be named, said that one of the suspects was looking at some eyeliner and said that he wanted to buy them for his wife.


The witness said that unlike the other customers in the shop, the man wanted to pay for the goods in cash.


Direct sellers of Avon products usually order their items and would pay for them after a month.


As the store clerk started verifying the purchase, the man suddenly pulled out a taser and tried to immobilize Bono with it. A taser is an electric non-lethal weapon.


Though stunned by the taser, Bono pulled out his service firearm, which the assailant tried to take from him.


The assailant’s companion then entered the shop and came to his rescue. The assailant was able to disarm Bono and using his own .45 caliber pistol, shot the guard twice in the neck and stomach.


The two men then fled on foot toward Cebu City. The police recovered two empty shells of a .45 caliber pistol and Bono’s .38 revolver near his body.


Talisay City Police Office Chief Reycel Carmelo Dayon said they immediately sought the help of the shop’s management and asked for a copy of footage from the close circuit television (CCTV) camera.


The footage, however, is not clear, he said.


Dayon said that they saw security lapses in the establishment. For one, they failed to implement their in-house policy that prohibits persons from wearing caps and jackets inside the shop.


Shortly after the incident, Dayon ordered his men to conduct checkpoints around the city. He believes that the robbers are not from Talisay City, and said that other police units will be asked to help identify them.


In a separate interview, Talisay City Mayor Johnny De los Reyes told reporters that the incident should serve as a lesson to the city’s business owners to improve their security.


De los Reyes said that these days, it’s not enough to install CCTV cameras. “We should not be complacent. If possible, business owners should beef up their security,” he said.


De los Reyes ordered Dayon to identify and arrest the assailants immediately.


He also asked the Talisay City Council to approve the proposed resolution that seeks to require all establishments in the city to install their own CCTV camera system.


Bono’s boss, Danny Lupina, described the slain security guard as a “good and humble man.” Lupina said that Bono has shown exemplary service since he started working with them in 2002. (Sun.Star Cebu)


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They attacked and shot him, not taking anything from the shop. They left immediately after doing so.


I hope they find these animals not wanting to give up and fill them full of lead. I hope and pray to God they suffer the same fate they have caused.


How i miss the days of vigilante justice in Cebu City. During that time, the only people in fear were the criminals. I remember how women could walk down Colon Street with jewelry hanging off their bodies. I remember reading the daily tally in the newspaper, and how it increased every day they killed another worthless piece of shit criminal. it got so bad for the criminals, that they did not want to be released from jail. Once they were, they had a shelf life of 24 hours, or less.


People back then were forum members against me and my views of that. I had even offered to pay for the bullets for the vigilante squad. If you had not committed a crime, you had nothing to fear. 


It was a brief time of peace in Cebu CIty. I recall how the criminals fled the city in droves. How I hope and pray to God above, those days would return to Cebu. 

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I feel pity for the guy's family. I'm sure they're having a difficult time now financially without his earnings.

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Headed that way

Last week I posted a reply with a short accounting of the Tulsa race riots in the 1920's. If you remember the story a black elevator operator had fled after an altercation with a teenager but was arrested a few days later. A mob showed up at the county jail asking for the man but the sheriff refused to release the accused because of a lynching a few months earlier.


Kept waiting for someone to go after Tulsa citizens for lynching an accused criminal so I could drop the rest of the story.


Which was the previous lynching was a white criminal.


Back then the citizens took care of problems on their own no matter the skin color. Once the criminal confessed to shooting a well known and well liked cab driver there was no need for a trial and justice was short and sure. They took him to the outskirts of town and hung him from a tree.


I am a big civil libertian and criminal defendants deserve a fair trial but it ought to be fair, quick, and sure. Use real juries chosen by lottery with little interference from judges and lawyers. Allow whatever evidence the defendant wants to introduce and have an appeal process that takes a week if the defendant had a fair trial.


Start hanging criminals again, do it publically like they did back in the 1800's, and violent crime will drop.

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I hope when the find the assailants that they put a bullet in their heads.

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Motorhead.. I share your desire to ensure that Mr. Ramil Bono is remembered.


In my small town, there are two security guards at the local bank, the only bank in town. One stands inside, and the other outside. I visited the bank often while I was building my house, and they both remember me, but the outside guard is the one I remember, and the one I have spoken to. He is an older men, in his 50's, possibly even his late 50's. He is impeccably polite to all who come, always wishing each a good morning or a good day... always holding an umbrella to shelter the slow or infirm when it's raining. Always stepping out to interrupt traffic for me when I leave.. Always a smile. Always standing. Always on guard. And if I'm in town at the right moment in the morning or afternoon I see him walking to and from work.. always with recognition in his eyes.. and a smile. He is a poor man.. and yet it seems certain that somewhere there is a woman who has relied on this man for many years, and children whom he has raised with dignity.


So yes.. R.I.P. Mr. Ramil Bono. And may the good Lord shelter those who depended on you.

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