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Yet another expat con man encounter at Ayala - "You got the time?"

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The problem is really not these so called beggar,scammer con men.It's really people not knowing themselves,not having a direction.Look-if a beggar approaches me and I am on a mission-call it living my life with meaning-not living a life looking for problems- I smile-say howdy-I'm on a mission-life-and I am on my way-My thoughts will be on my life,my mission(could be I'm out buying some butang) and the beggar forgotten immediately.inactive life-mall-ism-equals problems that need not be.

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Chris (Monsoon) posted a thread just to let others know about this guy. Then, he catches shit about - similar to what happened with motorboy not too long back.  Guys, just appreciate the fact that a

I have run into a few tourists and even some lonely expats over the years who approached me in a similar way and all they then wanted was some chat and a few questions answered. I think some of us hav

That be the guy...   Hmm, funny he's still looking for the time at Ayala. And some people gave me shit for just assuming he was a beggar/bum/con man.    Lonely and need to ask some questions about

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You did not say in your first post that you encountered him before, thus would have known what his next words would be. 



Note to self, make sure to never ask any of you guys the time or any other question should I see any of you walking in the mall. Well any of you except contraman, I would know who he is by all the hair and he seems like a friendly enough chap. :P Also except Smokey as I would know him by his red hair and clown nose. :D


And many of us wonder why other westerners are so unfriendly, they have either been approached by a westerner beggar (not likely) or are afraid to say NO, should it happen one day. I will from now on be less friendly as I would not wish someone to post that I am a beggar should I try to talk to them.


I can now see the resemblance. lol

hey one time this guy approached me at ayala ...  even asked me if i was on a forum called living in cebu... wonder if he is doing the long con .... come on headshot tell us the truth

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I ran into him yesterday, same red shirt on. He was cool, I had no problem talking back and forth with him. I knew he was waiting his opportunity to ask, then he did for $10 bucks, haha. I told him a good story why I could not give 10 bucks and then checked my watch and told him I have to go

come on spill after you said no what did he do ...????  Sounds all to easy a simple no and he did not scream or try to scratch your belongings dang you meet a respectable con man

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