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More shabu dealers fall in Cebu (August 22, 2014)

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And you seem to forget the way the philippines is run is by people ELECTED-  this means next to nothing here..


Tell your kid not to buy shabu...likewise don’t feel bad about the dealer selling it to him


America has lost its war on drugs and filled its prison without seeming to have an impact of the drug trade.  The Colombians are smugglers.  The Chinese syndicates produce mass quantities right here in the Phils.  If you want to effect change, have to dismantle these.


Not all pushers would transition to violent crime/or are violent criminals.


Did you wait 3 years before gettin your section 8 smokes? :hi:

never applied... did collect unemployment once for 6 weeks back in the middle 70sss   better to be homeless and hungry gets you to get moving foward ,,

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