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12 Practical Tips to Decrease Electrical Bill in the Philippines

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The inflation rate reached 4.5 percent in May this year, which was considered the highest in the last two years. For someone who earns a fixed income, this means a plunge in buying power. If you think that your budgeting concern ends with the inflation rate, you have to think again. The next time you receive utility bills, try to look at your electricity bill. We won’t be surprised if you cringe at your electricity bill every month.

Though we have LPG, fuel and even charcoal as other sources of domestic energy, electricity remains the most viable. In the Philippines, electricity is the most common source of energy consumed according to the Household Energy Consumption Survey. In 2011, 21 million households made use of electricity consuming 8,134 gigawatt hours of electricity.

Despite being a third world country, the Philippines has one of the most expensive rates in electricity. In fact, if you will look at other countries, a 2,000 square foot apartment would get you around $60-70 bill every month. As for the Philippines, it is roughly around $450 or give or take around P18,000.  If you live in Manila, an 85 sq. meter apartment will consume an average of P4,840 monthly charge in electricity alone.

To understand why electricity in the Philippines costs that much, here is the rate of our electricity bill as of December 2013. The generation cost runs around P9.10/kWh, while VAT, and other expenses would run around P4.15/kwh. Why did it reach this rate? According to reports, there were a number of factors to blame. First would have to be the shutdown of the Malampaya system during its maintenance period, and the second event would have to be the shutdown of a number of power plants. This shifted Meralco to make use of alternative and more expensive source of energy to produce electricity. The question now is, how do we keep the power rates to a minimum?

Improve on your home’s airflow and insulation


One of the reasons why people spend so much money on air conditioning is because of the non-efficient design of their home. If you are going to decrease the electricity consumption of your air conditioning unit, you want to have proper insulation within your home. For instance, what is the material of your ceiling? If you are using plywood, keep in mind that the heat from your roof is easily transferred to the plywood’s thin material. For some households, they provide added insulation to allow the room to heat slower.

For those who want to make things right from the beginning of the construction phase, what about trying on some gypsum board? From the ceiling walls, the thick material of gypsum has the ability to prevent heat reaching the main floor. Also, this can also be a fire preventive addition to your home. The height of your ceiling should also be a factor. Remember that a lower ceiling height would mean heat to reach the floor easier.

Always check the energy rating of appliances before buying


Modern homes enjoy a great number of appliances. For manufacturers of appliances, they are now prioritizing the energy efficiency. Given the issue of climate change, coupled with the desire of homeowners to save money on their appliance usage, though energy efficient appliances are more expensive, this is still a more practical option in the long run. For instance, do you know that 11% of your monthly electrical bill came from your fridge? What if you could decrease its energy consumption?

Habits in ironing the clothes


Do you know that ironing your clothes all at once every week can help you save some cash? It is because of the fact that the iron consumes more energy when you are starting it. Another method that you could use to save energy is to use fabric softeners. Fabric softeners allow you to just wash and dry your clothes. This way, you decrease the piles of clothes that you have to iron, not only decreasing the workload, but also decreasing the bill.

Timer to shut down air conditioning unit dreamstime_14463648.jpg  

When is the best time to use the air conditioning unit in your room? Most people only use the air conditioning unit at night to fall asleep comfortably. Why not turn off the air condition unit an hour before you wake up? Most air conditioning units today have timers which you could set to how many hours should the appliance run. An hour without the air conditioning unit still allows you to enjoy a cool room. In fact, if you use the air conditioning unit every night, and go for this option, you could save as much as 30 hours worth of electricity every month.

Motion sensors

One of the most common things that happen inside the house is that we walk in a room and turn on the light, only forgetting to shut it off on our way out. If you have a walk in closet, just imagine the lights being turned on the whole time? For some offices, they install motion sensors in rooms that people rarely go to.

Lighting options

One of the things that you can have to save money on electric bills is to use LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are not energy efficient, not to mention they don’t last that long. LED lights last up to 10 times longer than the incandescent bulbs, not to mention it doesn’t produce heat that much.

Use curtains and tinted windows


If you want to keep the heat to a minimum inside the house, which would eventually decrease your air condition and electric fan use, then perhaps, you would want to have your windows tinted. If you don’t want a permanent fix on your window, then a curtain will also be a good alternative. Thick and dark colored windows prevent the heat from penetrating inside the room.

Cooking with an Induction Cooker

Imagine cooking more efficient with electricity, heat is transferred directly to kitchenware without any waste. You save money for gas bills and it will be safer to use since there are no open fires involved when cooking.

Taller fridge means less efficiency

Cold air goes down, while the hot air goes up. This concept explains why the box type fridge is more efficient than the taller ones. If you have a box type fridge, this provides better air flow in your fridge. If you can’t help but settle for tall refrigerators, it is a good idea that you turn to organizing the food properly in order to have the proper air flow. Also, don’t place meals that are still hot inside the fridge.

Save money on your computer’s electrical consumption

How many hours do we spend on PC’s and laptops? It has been a habit of many computer users to not turn off the other hardware when it is not in use. From the printers to the scanner, these are just some of the things that we don’t turn off when not in use. This contributes to the wear and tear of our gadgets, not to mention also consume electricity. For the laptops and PCs, it is also a good idea to keep the computer on hibernate mode if you just want a five minute breather from the work that you are doing.

Charge efficiently


Whether it is your tablet or your phone, you want to make sure that you only charge the gadgets when the battery is already critically low. This allows you to not consume electricity every now and then. This avoids you from plugging the charger even if there is still sufficient energy on your device. Also, remember to always unplug the charger once you are done. A charger that is plugged in is still consuming electricity, regardless if it is charging a device or not. Aside from using the chargers in a more efficient manner, you can also check the chargers operated by solar cells. As long as you have light, you can already charge your phone through these accessories.

Regular monitoring of your electric meter


It is crucial to have an idea if you are already consuming more than your average electrical consumption. Also, keep in mind that even if you have the same consumption as last month, the current rate still plays a great role to how much you are paying at the end of the month. The first thing that you need to know is to learn how to read an electric meter. If you have 2-3 meters in your home, try to have a separate sheet for each of them and monitor them separately. The cost of electricity has a different rate as your consumption spikes up. The second tip that can be useful in this scenario is to record your monthly bill. And third, you have to be updated of the current rate.

Is it possible to keep the electrical bill down? With smart planning and practical implementation of these tips, it is possible to have a breather with the rising cost of utilities, particularly that of electrical bills. You don’t need to purchase products sold in the market that claim to decrease your electrical consumption. These easy to follow steps are already enough to give you the savings that you’ve been looking for.





Source :  http://www.imoney.ph/articles/12-practical-tips-decrease-electrical-bill/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=ad-promopost&utm_campaign=Decrease+Electricity+Bill

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Taller fridge means less efficiency


I think these new types of refrigerators from Japan and Korea are now compatmentalized to reduce the cooling losses. You can open just 1 area of the refrigerator to get your food out.

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I see a lot of guys on alternative energy forums wanting to build HUGE arrays to power many unnecessary items, and for unreasonable amounts of time throughout the day.


The seasoned guys always tell them, the first step to solar power is conservation. See what you can do without. See what you can power for less time. Start with what you absolutely need to power, first. Then, start on your alternative power options.


Thanks for the post, hooked.

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"TUCP estimated the power generation charge for DOE’s contingency plan will hit between P15 to P18 per kilowatt per hour."

“Every household in Luzon will have to pay P1,600 to P1,800 more on top of their regular monthly electric bill once the energy crisis kicks in early next year,” Corral said.



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I find what works for me is flourecent bulbs or LED bulbs inverter type air cons and hot water on demand so only when you turn water on it heats the water one last thing if buying any new refrigerator whirlpool has inverter units

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i think as we need stuff we will buy more electric sipping units but to go out and buy them when you dont need them yet is a waste  ... we just picked up a new washer and dryer first i bought a combo unit LG ... washes great as a dryer it SUCKS  2 hours plus to dry.. because i picked it i have had to have the usual I TOLD YOU SO all frigging day to i went to SR and bought an old tech.. dryer and now i am 32,000 peso lighter but my ear dont hurt anymore  

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but my ear dont hurt anymore  



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Just some ramblings...


I like A/C at night and on hot days, when we use our A/C our bill is 10k per month.  I can live with that.  If it were 20k it would be different.


With the news posted above, it looks like the bill will jump to 20k next year.


I wonder if the stores will increase the cost of Inverter type A/C's as a result of increased demand with increased electric charges.


Might be a good time to upgrade, before supply/demand makes it even more expensive.

One electric tip I recall reading on this forum a long time ago:


Turn the breakers off inside your house.  Go to your electric meter and make sure it's not spinning.  If it is someone is stealing your electric! :D

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washes great as a dryer it SUCKS 2 hours plus to dry


I had the same problem with the washer/dryer units in my 2 apartments here in Korea. Turns out the damn thing is only rated to dry about 1 kg of laundry at a time (read the manual). For me, that meant that I never used the drying function again and took to hanging my clothing out to dry, same as all the other Koreans. First time in maybe 30+ years I hung my laundry to dry.

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About the dryer...


When I bought my washing machine I made sure it had a high speed spin cycle (1,400 rpm IIRC).


My clothes are almost dry when I take them out.  It takes about 1 hour in the morning sun to finish the dry job or I can let them dry in the A/C overnight.


I thought I would miss having a dryer but I really don't.


I do miss having a dishwasher!

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