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If she is not willing to pay back i will blackmail her to contact her mother and thats what she really don't want.


Jeppe, let me teach you something about the Filipino culture. You COULD tell her mother something that she did, which you may think may cause major issues in the family. But, regarding Filipinos, blood is MUCH thicker than water. I imagine you have a similar saying in your country. What I mean is, no matter what she has done, in the end, she will be forgiven by her mother and will be accepted in the family.

It's family, mate. Their families are almost co-dependent. Figure a family like a human body. One member is a leg, another member an arm, another member a hand. That's how it is. No matter how much you - a mere foreigner, an outsider in their eyes, will never change that. 


Do not hold a grudge with the woman. Do not try to get vengence. Just move on and let it go. She's a woman for God's sake, man. She can be replaced, just as easily as she feels you can be replaced. She wants a Filipino, one who probably cannot give her that much money each month. So, let her go. For you to keep on, in any capacity, just shows you to be the weak one in the relationship. 


Somehow, I get the feeling you may be a younger guy. Am I right? Brother, we just all just trying to point you in the right direction. Most of us are older. I'm 48. Many here are older than me, in fact. We all have lots of time - boots on the ground in the Philippines. We aren't here just yanking your chain. 


Get past it. Move on. Find yourself a good girl. And, stop sending them money each month. 

Ou, im sure if she will not pay the money back to me then her mother will. She doesn't allow to her daughter to act like she is doing. And im 99% sure that she'll sent the money back if ill  tell her if shes not paying i will contact her mother.


Then, brother, you do what you feel you have to do. We are trying to advise you. Remember, you came here seeking assistance. We are only trying to help you out here. But, if you wish to carry on that way instead, more power to you. 

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Mate, are you serious? Do you realize you should tell this bitch to pound sand? Tell her to feck off and never contact you again. If this were my g/f AND if she were sleeping right NOW in my bed, and

Brother, I'm not trying to be mean or cruel to you. I, like everyone else here, am just trying to let you know not to waste another second of your life on that bitch. You are probably providing everyt

Just let it go mate. Talk of blackmail and ruining her vacation for 25k just not worth it. Live, learn and move on. Just be thankful you know now and it wasn't even more money.



a bit more backround of the conversation and her retionship with the guy. They are not old gf and bf. She had relationship with other Filipino during whole the college time and they broke up about year before i met her, but now i suspect that she was cheating him too and they had somekind of game going on already in college. What she have been told me before about her realtionship to him is that her college friends were always teasing them about how could they fit together and so on, but she denied that they had anything going on during the college. So now when i will relive the conversation to her she will probably trying to explain that they were only joking or something. That's one reason why i want to know exact translation form whole converstaion.


Trust me, the best thing you can do, to get even with her, is to dump her ass now. This guy she wants to feck, will do just that - until he tires of her, or wishes to get married. Once that time comes, he will drop her to, for some innocent virgin he can marry and have a family with. Then, she will truly get what she deserves - being fecked, then left alone. 


Lastly, if you think that conversation was a joke, you had better wake your naive ass up and see the whole picture. 

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From Finland.The ammount it's not much, but i wanna give her lesson for her own best even it might sound weird. Maybe shell be better gf for some ohter guy in futures realtionship.


I accidentally got into her email when i tried to go to my own yahoo mail and i was logged in automatically cos she had used my laptop to loging there and she had checked autologin button accidentally i guess. There right away popped out to my eyes first email on the list from this guy about some pictures. I was too curios to look it and when she had sent some bikini pics of her back to him i got suspisious about what's they're relationshipi. Wasn't too hard to figure out her skype password when and i logged in there and found that conversation from there.


My advice to you is this...turn your back and walk away. You cannot "give her a lesson" on this other than to tell her goodbye and have a nice life with you new BF. Walk away from the money. Walk away from any connection you have to her. If you felt you had to open her email and hack her Skype account, then there is no trust there anyway, and you will never rebuild this relationship. I don't think that forgiveness and talking it out have even entered your mind, so the only possibilities left are either retribution or just walking away. Retribution is a very dangerous game in the Philippines, so unless you plan to never return to the Philippines, I would suggest that you just walk away.


BTW, although she has violated your trust in setting up a tryst with an old college friend, you have violated her trust by deliberately getting into her accounts to dig. I don't see this relationship going anywhere if both parties think so little of their partner. That would lead to my second recommendation. Until you can actually spend enough time here in the Philippines to build a real relationship, do NOT try to develop any more serious relationships with Filipinas. Keep your relationships on the light side until you are sure you really trust the other person.

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Here. Let me just sum up all the "different" advice given to you.


+1 Dump her.


Just let it go mate. Talk of blackmail and ruining her vacation for 25k just not worth it. Live, learn and move on. Just be thankful you know now and it wasn't even more money.




Seriously dude wtf. Get over it and move on.


Im not going to attack u just the post so i will try and be tactful.


Move on. I would love to say more but I'm being nice.


Take it as a lesson in life and move on.


Hmmm, reminds me of that saying

"You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make him drink" :(

The best advice from several wise members, who have no doubt

Seen this all before, has been given.



I can not see the point in progressing this thread any further


Move on

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Advice summary #2.

Get past it. Move on. Find yourself a good girl. And, stop sending them money each month.


... I would suggest that you just walk away.


Dumb her!


That's also what my wife said when she read it.



Time to dump
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Guys, if you are not going to post helpful advice, do not post shit to antagonize the original poster. This is the last warning you will receive, prior to points being issued and restrictions given. 

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So are you saying i should not ask my money back? and what comes to blackmailing, i don't need to do that if she's willing to pay back the money. I still care about her and want her to get a lesson(ruin her vacatioin) that what could hapen if you cheat someone. Maybe she'll learn and not cheat/lie in her next realtionshio, maybe she'll be better person after, But if ill just leave it and let her keep the money what i've gave to her she will not get any lesson.

See pauls post#31. Basically same as i would have suggested be he is much more tactful.


No lessons to be learnt here for her. Just a lesson for u.

As headshot said below u violated her trust also when u hacked her skype account.

This relationship going further would have wasted important time for u and her to be with the right person.

Could have been much worse, house,children involved. U got off lightly and u should count your luck.


I get it bro, u loved her( though the no trust shows that it is not real love...yeah btw ive been there).

Just for now bro chill. U are running on your emotions, feeling betrayed and u want to lash out and hurt her back.

You are a man, we don't act like that, we have honor and pride.

Time heals all wounds. Don't do something fueled on emotion that older and stable u in the near future would never do.


Just learn from it, deal with it, suck it up and go out on the weekend with your mates and get pissed.

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My experience of Filipinos was that they were all considered innocent by their families so no matter what you say to the mother she will believe whatever story the daughter tells her before she will believe you and she might hate you for telling lies about her child. 


As for getting your money back if you know a way I am first in line to learn how from you and expect a huge number of members to be in the line behind me.  The money is gone.  It hurts but know the hurt feeling, like the money, will eventually go.  Just give yourself time to get over the anger/ pain before you do anything and you may see another way. 


If you really want revenge find a better woman and give her a better life and that will be your reward to yourself.


You are trapped with your hand inside the cookie jar let the cookie go and then you can free yourself to go find a better life.

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My experience of Filipinos was that they were all considered innocent by their families so no matter what you say to the mother she will believe whatever story the daughter tells her before she will believe you and she might hate you for telling lies about her child.


Hmm... I had the same experience from my mother when I told her that my older brother was borrowing money from her to buy drugs to sell.


It came out when he tried to borrow money from me to buy a brick of hashish. I turned him down flat. Then he went to her to borrow the money and she didn't have the money, so tried to borrow it from me so that he could borrow it from her. Of course he was her favorite, but parents don't seem to believe their children can do any wrong in America.


I agree that the borrowed money should be forgotten and all communication cut off with the girl. To reduce the risk of future retaliation, maybe fake your death or a serious injury, then start vacationing in a different city altogether.


I've been through the same crap many times. It isn't worth trying to get revenge in any way, shape or form. You might think you have more ammunition than her, but she's got dozens and dozens of relatives and friends that could be looking for you later to "get justice" out of the foreigner.

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tilaw is taste,,,like can i taste you again? 


“Trying to get it back (by any method) is foolhardy”   Wrong, but asking for it back is foolhardy...either way your chances are slim to get it back.  Say you need to borrow 20k to release some bonds that will then release your millions etc story.  Shell be thinking once that happens youll be able to give her alot more...if she asks why you cant pay it yourself just say you want to know who you can trust.  Just made this up without thought but the idea is don’t be confrontational..asking for money back wont work.  Also agree, the mother wont care about this frivolous convo and ur EX probably won’t care if the mother or family saw it. 


I respect your spirt there Jeppe, its a persons natural response, she used u and played you...  Just take the anger/spitefulness out of your heart. 

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If the original poster logs on and requests that I open this up again, I will. But, until he chooses to do so, I am locking this thread.

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