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Remember my recent rainwater harvesting project with my landlord?

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I am going to go tomorrow and see if I can find a local place that makes these and see if I can document it. 


I'm really interested in how it's done. 200 litre poly barrels sell for between 800 and 1200 pesos here. Considering that our monthly water bills are only 350 pesos it isn't really feasible unless I can make my own.

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Well, it didn't turn out exactly as I wanted. it to. If you recall, I paid for the PVC. He provided the 1,500 liters capacity tank, and found the guys to do the concrete work. The only thing I had to

Hey, not at all - during this time of the year. Water can get a bit scarce during dry season, at the farm. There we collect rainwater and use it exclusively for drinking, showers, and for my chickens.

You could anchor the tank with cement anchors driven into the concrete, but the tank seems very well protected by the house and the wall.  Concrete needs a full 30 days to cure.  Green concrete, that

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200 litre poly barrels sell for between 800 and 1200 pesos here.



That's something I don't get, Bob. In the US, you can get them for free, or for just a few dollars (US). I was going to build a rack and mount nine of them horizontally, similar to the image here: 



Similarly, food grade poly barrels go for $20 to $25 USD each, here in Battambang. They are not worth that to me, either. 

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We installed a couple rain barrels that we had left over from my Koi filter project. The barrels came from Cebu and were "donated" along with the cost of getting them to Dumaguete. We also found a length of 4" PVC that we tapped into a relatively short length of rain gutter. The best flow rate that I have seen off the roof has been around 3-4 gallons a minute.


We installed a slide out screen under the pipe to catch any leaves, etc. that run off the roof into the barrel.


We simply suck the water out of the barrels using a pump and stiff garden hose to top off the pond after water changes. It is definitely worth doing here as water in Dumaguete averages around .9p per gallon from the city! I have seen lower rates, but it seems to vary from brgy. to brgy. and meter to meter. 


The barrels "supposedly" go for 500p in Cebu but getting them transported here to Dumaguete is not a simple task. Locally they sell for 1500-1650p and the demand keeps the price up. All of them are not food grade though and it is obvious that some have had chemicals in them. 


I have looked at 6' diameter round concrete pipe casings that they use here for well casings and drainage culverts, but they are too expensive to be used for rainwater at 3800-3900p each! 


I am curious as to what a CHB underground storage tank would cost, but have not done the math. 

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