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My Keys, Whistle and Pepper Spray

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This guy was attacked at home. No need for concI'm led method. A piece of 2x2 works well in good hands. A hand spray filled with water and Habanero sauce with soak someone at 5 meters. Blind them they are done. But as 4th Dan hinted some people will never catch on or need years to react automatically to a given situation.


I have visitors here staying months for weapons and "other" training so to the neighbors I'm a known quantity. But it's not neighbors who will break in.


A gate would not work here. They 'climb'. Even my caregiver could climb in if she locked herself out.


We all get old and need to resort to other means of defense.


It's sad we have be on our guard but from what I'm told and see even Western countries are not so safe any more either.

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Pepper spray can't be used in confined or windy places. If your at home some heavier artillery is easy to keep. Quite easy to fill up a spray with water and something like habenero as it doesn't need to be concealed. I must say I have my doubts about some of these sprays you buy. I was in El Gekko once and two foreigners were fighting in the gas station opposite. One of them emptied a full can into a guy's face in a car. But he just drove away. Lots of orange smoke and little effect. In the Dutchman's case a taser might have worked. Grappling is out unless your a trained grappler.


I know a lot don't like dogs but my whole neighbourhood erupts if someone strange is lurking around. It's a good early warning. Gates won't stop them in my neighbourhood. Most can climb anything.


I can also activate the car alarm from inside with the press of a button.

yep noise will get their attention ... NOT>>

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