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Paternity test / DNA test for personal info in Philippines

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How to do a Paternity Test in Philippines


Amazon has some good offers.. sending a test kit to you


In Philippines i used http://www.easydna.ph/ they have nationwide test / dna collection centers.

They also offer Online Support so you can ask questions and so on do not matter where you are

..or common questions even if you order at amazon later ;)


A Paternity test for personal info (Not for a curt, legal, Passport or whatever - ask your embassy what you have to do and where)


Price for a test kit father and son 14800p able to order online and to pay with credit card

It is possible to order a second test kit online and let it send to a different place cost 2000p (one kit for father, one kit for child at different place)

With the test kit you can do the test at home or you can go to a collection center from this company without additional cost to do the test sample.


It is also possible to send DNA samples without a test kit like

- Blood Stain (Dry)

- Cigarette Butts (2-4 Butts)

- Earwax (Cotton swap / Q-Tip)

- Electric Razor Clippings (Paper envelope)
- Gum (Sugar free in plastic bag)
- Hair (With root attached 4-6 hairs)
- Nails (Finger / Toe)
- Sperm / Semen (on clean cotton swab)
- Toothbrush (Air-dry before sending)
- Toothpick
- Used Kleenex with nasal muscus

for such samples you need to pay a bit in addition..


The test can be send to the company after taking samples or the collection center sends it.


after 5 to 10 working days you will get the result.




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