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Surprise, Surprise. I'm a Daddy? Nope!

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she offered from beginning to do a dna test



but i do not really like to wait long till get a shipment from other country.



1. Take your time - the child will be around for years and being patient and doing this carefully does not mean you cannot be sympathetic towards mom and baby

2. Choose the products and lab(s) yourself. Do all of the admin for any DNA test yourself - do not let anyone else's hands get involved with YOUR sample

3. Ideally, don't go there and let her send you the baby's sample (but I think you have already decided to travel and meet. Perhaps don't be tempted to start a second :) )


If you are indeed going to do a DNA test and despite your willingness to believe you are the father, for your future peace of mind you need to be 100% sure there was no possibility of a fraudulent result. 


There is also nothing wrong with accepting the child as yours without a DNA test. Babies don't get to choose who their parents are - but adults can choose to be parents (natural or otherwise).

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I'm sure you would have a gut feeling once you viewed those pictures, what did your gut say, did you see your self in the mirror. Next, I wouldn't send her one dime until you take a DNA test to prove

Mate, forget about all the money calculations and where he, she and you might live in the future. You are getting too far ahead of yourself. Just back off and don't make any decisions until you get th

Boy, I tell ya. All these guys and how they talk about not caring for a child if it isn't yours.    I have a baby boy in the Philippines whom I love with all my heart.  There is not a snowball's ch

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paddy i saw this woman only a few times march 2012 and never again

she lives now luzon and i live in cebu city..




Take your time - the child will be around for years and being patient and doing this carefully does not mean you cannot be sympathetic towards mom and baby

the child is luzon.. im cebu.. waiting now for a test kit two weeks or more?


i think go there.. go to st. lukes (they offer a testing for 170 us dollar not accepted for visa and so on) i can do there... i will write them to get appointment and what i have to do.. how long the result will take

if not i take a test from here in cebu with me to manila.. get the dna and bring it back to cebu to be tested..


its just a first test... if it will say im daddy... i will need another test for embassy / documents / .... which cost around 500 or 1000 us dollar

viking i guess so cause normally i do.. but not sure 100%

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the main question is more do i like just to support or do i like to see him sometimes or do i like to raise him? just sending some money every month or split support in sending some money and sending milk, diappers, clothes, toys, .... is not hard to do... but is this what i like?

By Filipino law have visitation rights!

And from what I've read of your writing I think you want to be involved in his upbringing. And what you have explained about his mother it seems like she's a good person.
Perhaps it could be something more between you two

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Carlo I know this must be a worry. But it will all work out either way. The child is a beautiful baby. If it is yours then congratulations. I'm sure you will do the right thing.


I wish you all the best.

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im not worried about something... if its from me.. then i will find a good way.. if not then i do not need to worry too

i do not have own childs.. so if it will happen now.. its ok


big daddy goes now for a beer... or two? and not to forget to drink one for the little boy too hehehehehe :baby:


maybe we make now other test... if someone is able to find me this evening over the pictures from the boy he will get a beer or two too :-)

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Wow. I look the photos of that little boy. He is so lovely.

And his father is so lucky to have a kid like that.

Please dad,  give your child the best you can for his future.

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stgCarlo, thanks for your openness, I hope you post back here with the results.  If the two independent tests are positive then there are obviously a lot of steps ahead of you.  This lady will also be in an unusual position, and even if she has a good heart, there will be friends and family around her with influence over her and maybe not all of them will have good hearts or offer her good counsel.  If this is your son then you doing the right thing is just the easy part, the harder part is making sure both practically and legally that you think it through what role you want to have (and what role this little boy deserves from you),  and then take the right steps to make sure that role is not soley at the whim of this lady.


Westerners and Filipinos do make beautiful babies for sure, someone ought to start a different thread on that with pictures, maybe I will this weekend.

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(she live Binalonan some hours to go to manila


Thats directly north of Angeles City / Clark / Pampanga. 




lets have some days vaccation in manila and do a test in addition


FYI - There is a DNA testing place in Angeles City. I think they are an international company, I'm not sure if they do the actual test on site or not. I learned about them some time ago searching about where I could get genetic predisposition testing done. They also do an ancestry origin test which I think would be cool. 


Anyway - they have a website Im sure you can find quite easily. 

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if you decide to meet her, make sure its in a very safe place. dont take any excuses like-"oh, my ankles sore, can you come to my house?" it would also be good to have someone with you.

never gamble with an asian.

they are all capable of exsquisite acting.

i love 'em.

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Hire someone to check this out for you asap.

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Easy...tell her to send you some hair from the child.  Get a DNA test done at a clinic.  Stop the sleepless nights!!

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if you decide to meet her, make sure its in a very safe place

the plan was to meet her in airport in manila and to go together to st lukes hospital but




Easy...tell her to send you some hair from the child. Get a DNA test done at a clinic

this idea i like :)

"my son" do not need to go some hours to manila to do a test, its easy and fast...

and having a dna sample here it should be easy to do a test in cebu city.. im able to take a look today where to do it

im not able to be sure then the sample is from this boy on pictures.. but do not matter.. i will know if i have son or not


in addition there is no need to send her money to go to manila and back.. yesterday while drinking a sml for him i thought about how i will feel if i send her 500p to go to manila, i fly to manila, book a room, make apointments hospital and she will not come to manila.. telling sorry the bus had whatever.. sitting then in manila and send money again or fly home without to know anything?




Stop the sleepless nights!!

i slept very well yesterday after my two beer and two beer for him :)




Hire someone to check this out for you asap.

 i thought about this.. asking a friend to get the sample.. but sending is better and this test i will bring myself to a hospital..




i still have many things in my mind... meanwhile im not sure anymore what i like more.. having a boy or not.. :baby:


i talked yesterday with her and she seems to be flexible concerning where to live and how

she offered me to live with me and im able to see the boy growing up

she is ok with having a room somewhere close to me and that i will have him sometimes

she said its ok to live in toledo and that i can visit her sometimes

she do not like to live with her family.. her father drinks often and she do not wish to live there


it seems she expect that i support child and her.. pay apartment and everything.. she did not say this but i live to long in cebu not to understand what she says..


today she asked me to help her to buy milk.. her sallary is end of month and she is not able to buy milk next days.. here we are..

the question is now.. being afraid of scam or send some money for milk?

yesterday the answer was clear for me.. test first, then we will see.. today im not such sure  anymore..

what do you think?

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having a dna sample here it should be easy to do a test in cebu city


I've done 3 DNA tests over the past several years and each one required me to swab the inside of the child's mouth with a cotton swab, plus mine and then submit it to the laboratory within 7 days of the sample being taken. I've not seen a DNA test that used hair samples.


I have seen drug tests that used hair samples though. Might be the reason some guys working in the nuclear plants with me shave their heads.

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i talked now with some labs in philippines

the test lab i like most actual is http://www.easydna.ph/

they have very good and kind online support :)

easyDNA Philippines has just launched an nationwide network of collection centres where you can have your sample taken by a trained medical professional for free.


the way to go now is:

i order a test kit online and pay with credit card 14800p (personal test - legal / curt test is 25000p)

the test kit will be send to the collection center close to her and the child, after taking the sample in the collection center they send the kit including sample to the collection center here in cebu city and invite me for the test. i go to the collection center in cebu city to take the sample and get the results after 4-5 business days.


i think this is a good way to do it.. no space for manipulation and they know how to take samples..


anyone has negative experience with easyDNA?

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