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50 Owners of Zongshen 'RX3' in Philippines

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Hi Guys... 50 SLOTS COMPLETED as of tonight.

RX3 by Zongshen is definitely coming in few months...

Congratulations to the 50 reservation.

Only 50 RX3 owners in the Philippines...


Thank you sir Noah Sun for making it happen.   

post-198-0-54468600-1405312002_thumb.jpg post-198-0-74560100-1405312006_thumb.jpg
post-198-0-89326900-1405312008_thumb.jpg post-198-0-25868900-1405312010_thumb.jpg
2013 has been a big  year for Chinese motorcycles. Over the past couple of bleak years for the industry has seen demand for Chinese motorcycles decrease by millions of units. This has brought on a general pivot away from the domestic Chinese market, and a focus by many manufacturers on foreign markets. The millions low-value farmer’s “iron-horses” are now starting to be displaced by more diversified models, designed to meet the more demanding tastes of recreational motorcycle riders.

This export-oriented shift took a while to bear fruit, and in 2013 we saw some interesting new designs roll off the factory floors of the leading motorcycle manufacturers. These new models have been heralded by many industry commentators as the first serious foray by Chinese motorcycle makers into the globally competitive middleweight segment: 




The Zongshen RX3

Zongshen, famous within China for their two and three-wheeled motorcycles, have only recently started to make a name for themselves in western markets. Their partnerships with Piaggio and Magelli have allowed them to improve their R&D capacity, directly influencing their new release.

The RX3, designed as a small-displacement adventure tourer, runs on the NC250 engine, the same engine used by Magelli models.
The CFMoto CF650NK

CFMoto is relatively small, as Chinese motorcycle companies go, pumping out just 600,000 units last year. However, with CFMoto, it's quality over quantity. In their quest to become the world's leading powersports suppliers, they have made a strategic decision to focus on export markets.

The naked CF650NK is CFMoto's flagship motorcycle, and the next step along it's global strategy. It's powered by a 649.3cc parallel-twin engine, EFI and is liquid-cooled. It pumps out over 40 kilowatts (58 Hp) at 8,500 rpm, making it one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, Chinese bike made to date.
The Shineray X5

Shineray's focus on off-road and adventure motorcycles is well known in China. After the release of the road ready X2 dirt-bike, we have finally been blessed with the release of the X5, in late 2013. 

Running on a close clone of the Honda XR400R engine, the 399cc, single cylinder engine puts out 22kW at 7000 rpm.




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i know david you love chinese products whether it's there tablets, there electric motorcycles or now there gas motorcycles but us in the real world know that most of there  stuff is crap especially s

Regarding the KLR650  as compared to the RX3, adding 11% to the curb weight and 260% to the displacement doesn't seem like a bad thing. In fact if one offered that tradeoff as an option to RX3 owners

i just cant help myself! i just love dual sport (and motard) bikes! i really like the look of the zongshen but through experience doubt the china bikes durability until they are long proven. here in

Posted Images


175Kg 18Kw 250cc. I hope it's cheap. 135km/h It's hardly a sports bike is it.


Gotta love the descriptions.


Dual flash Hazardous lights. Handlebars with Necking technology. Reinforced and thickened PP material covering parts. Streamlined and Humanized windscreen.


Do they have a dealer in Cebu?

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175Kg 18Kw 250cc. I hope it's cheap. 135km/h It's hardly a sports bike is it.


Gotta love the descriptions.


Dual flash Hazardous lights. Handlebars with Necking technology. Reinforced and thickened PP material covering parts. Streamlined and Humanized windscreen.


Do they have a dealer in Cebu?



Motorstar is the Distributor, and yes there are Motorstar Dealers in Cebu.


BUT Motorstar has not yet decided to officially add this model to their Range.


This is what Noah Star told me on Facebook:-


Hi, David.Thanks for your message. About the Zongshen motorcycle, you can contact local Zongshen branches to get one, we have branches all over the country.  


For now, RX3 only have 250cc version, but maybe there will be like 400cc version in the future.







Zongshen Moto Cebu


Any of you guys know if the Zongshen ZS250GY-3(RX3) is available in Cebu, and if so what is the Price?

I read it could be as low as PHP100K (SRP of PHP125K)

If that includes the top box the rack and 2 x side pannier boxes, that is a great Adventure Touring package with it's 250cc DOHC water cooled engine









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Seems the 1st 50 people, who paid the Reservation Deposit, to Order a Zongshen Cyclone RX3, get this Jacket for free:-






ZONGSHEN 450 during the rally AFRICA RACE 2014

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Certainly looks ok. 


Be interesting to see how they keep together for a year or two.

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Certainly looks ok. 


Be interesting to see how they keep together for a year or two.


Hy H,

Check out my Post on green-trail-riding-in-cebu-on-dual-sport-motorbike/page-68


I quoted this 'Zongshen-RX3-report' by  gjackson4431 posting to mychinamoto.com/forums


Thread: Zongshen RX3 report


C-Moto Regular


There were three four things that I paid for when I bought the bike. 

The bike itself was 20800yuan and tax was about 1500.

The insurance and registration worked out to be about 2000.


I thought it was a good deal. They did try to charge me about 30,000 the first time I went in there but I just showed them the listing for it on taobao and they quickly agreed to this price. You can also do a search for the bike in chinese and find that this is the factory recommended price.





Zongshen RX3 race Kelon ZS250GY-3 than wild Recreational Rider Motorcycle Rally three boxes


Shocked the market Zongshen RX3 NC250

new 6-speed water-cooled EFI         

Deluxe Edition CNY20,800  (with three boxes)     20800 Chinese Yuan equals 145,885.54 Philippine Peso

Standard Edition CNY19,800 (without three boxes)

I understand they will supply these 50 off Zonshen Cyclone RX3 with standard carburetor set up, rather than EFI.


This is probably a good idea on several counts.  


The first being gjackson4431  reports big problems after distributor gave it a power wash and there was all sorts of problems and had the engine swapped out and suspect fuel; mapping and throttle position sensor.  


You don't get these additional problems with standard carb and 'shitty' fuel, and can be diagnosed by many mechanics in the Philippines.   Being able to diagnose EFI and Sensor problems and wrong Fuel Mapping (Russia is rather different to Philippines, and China, in terms of Temperature, Humidity and fuel, so getting the  EFI engines intended for Russia with that Fuel Mapping, would not be good in the Philippines (or China!).


 Re: Zongshen RX3 report 

07-04-2014, 03:38 AM


I think I've finally solved that noise problem. Recently a few other noises cropped up that definitely were caused by loose bolts so while searching for the culprits I found a few missing bolts on the air box. The other new sounds were caused by loose bolts on the head light fixture and a missing bolt in under the top box. Anyway the sound seems to have stopped. I guess I was a bit too over concerned. 


Also, I leave for my trip next week. Shanghai to Istanbul. Wish me luck. 

Will the Zongshen RX3 survive??http://kelleyssilkroad.blogspot.com/




Follow gjackson  take his Zongshen Cyclone RX3 from Shanghai to Istanbul


It is a very big undertaking, even with others and a support vehicle carrying tools and spares.  On your own, with only what you can carry takes some guts and nerves. Factor in this is a new and relatively unproven motorcycle and it is very risky and prone to potential problems.  


It will be interesting to follow his BLOG and I wish him and the bike good luck:- 


Read here -> http://kelleyssilkroad.blogspot.com/




That dropping the EFI and all the sensors and electronics probably helped bring the price down as Php125,000 SRP is better than the Taobao (Alibaba) Price146,000 (with EFI)



T1wuc7FddiXXXXXXXX_!!0-item_pic.jpg_400x     CNY4,800 (PHP33,640)

ZS250GY-3 NC 250 water-cooled engine assembly (NC250 carburetor)


This 250cc 4 valve SOHC water-cooled engine (delivering 19kw @9000rpm/23 N.m @7,000rpm) with 6 speed gearbox, is relatively expensive

(compared to 'normal 250cc water-cooled Chinese Engines), yet is only 31Kg.


T1BlLuFghdXXXXXXXX_!!0-item_pic.jpg_400x ¥ 3,850.00 (PHP27,000)

RX3 motorcycles small three-line side box Zongshen SUV factory side box



T1uudZFB8eXXXXXXXX_!!0-item_pic.jpg_400xCNY 170.00  (Php1,200)


RX3 genuine original accessories for bars ZS250GY-3 front bumper




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A bit about myself. I am an American English teacher and I've been living and working outside of the US for almost five years now. I fell in love with motorcycles in Myanmar (Burma) last year when I rented a scooter through a hotel in a dusty city at the center of the country called Pye and drove through the massive archaeological ruins there. I got my first real motorcycle, called a SYM Bonus 125cc in Vietnam. The Bonus was a great starter bike; reliable enough to get around and practice the basic skills on and mechanically simple and unsound enough to encourage me to learn some basic mechanics.


My plan came to me while in Myanmar and everything I’ve done since then has been with this goal in mind. After having the time of my life getting lost on the sandy back roads of pye a friend of mine at my school recommended watching “The Long Way Around” and reading “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” I wanted to return to Turkey in the near future and the simple idea of riding back along the silk road came to mind. He told me it was impossible to do cheaply and so I took it as a challenge. This became my passion and I began devoting large amounts of my energy and time to research but soon I realized that he was right, it can’t be done cheaply. By that time I had moved to Vietnam and thought about illegal options or alternate routes but soon realized that the only way to actually do this reverse trans-Asian trip was to move to China and work for a year. So I did.




In Pye, Myanmar


Anyway, this is the plan. On the 11st of July, I am going to take my Chinese made Zongshen RX3 registered in my name through China, from my home near Hangzhou across the north of China and The Tibetan Plateau by way of Xi'an and Gansu provinces, into the Taklimakan Desert and on to either Kashgar or Urumqi. Then I’ll pass through the stans; Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and back to Aktau, Kazakhstan where I’ll catch the ferry to Azerbaijan. From there on to Georgia and down to the southern coast of Turkey. Following the Mediterranean and along the Aegean coasts I'll past Adana, Antalya, Fethiye, Izmir and Bursa finally arriving at my old home of Istanbul around the beginning of September.


The Route Overview




On July 11st I will depart for Turkey. I have three months left on my Chinese residence permit, my two month multi entry visa for Kazakhstan, my Uzbek LOI, my Turkish E-Visa my driving license and registration papers with translated copies. I'll be driving the new Zongshen RX3 Bai Long Ma. Lately I've been having some mechanical problems so Im starting to think this may turn into a great Silk Road walk.. I plan to rough camp most nights in most countries. Throughout China, especially the central and western areas, this shouldn't be a problem but some countries require tourists to stay in hotels I suppose so they can keep an eye on you.
The goal of the first week is to make it to Xi'an where I'll probably take a day or so to relax, see the sites and meditate on the historical journey I am about to embark on. Xi'an is where the tomb of the Qin emperor and terra-cotta soldiers are as well as the tomb of the semi-mythical yellow emperor. I may also take a trip up to Yan'an which was Mao's base of operation during the Chinese Civil war after the long march. 


After Xi'an is where the real adventure begins. I'll pass into the foothills of the Tibetan plateau a few days later, then up to 4000m and the large lake at the north eastern corner of the plateau called Qinghai Lake. From there I'll traverse the first of my deserted desert sections, descend from the great plateau and finally arrive at the city of Ruoqiang in the Taklimakan Desert. This again all should take just over a week.


Now I have a choice. I can either go north towards Urumqi and the border with Kazakhstan or I continue along the historical silk road towards Kashgar and the border with Kyrgyzstan. My decision will be based on whether I think I can cross the China-Kyrgyzstan border. There are two but i have never read a report of someone crossing either border from the chinese side. I don't know where to ask about this and I may never know for sure unless I go up there and try it. The safer route is to go north, out of the desert into the Borohoro and Tian Shan Mountains and cross into Kazakhstan at one of the many verified open borders there. 

The next leg will be the journey to Bishkek either from the south or the north. The northern route through Kazakhstan is shorter, the southern through Kashgar more interesting. Once there, I'll use my LOI for Uzbekistan and get that visa. Also I'll get the Azeri transit Visa. There is a report that the consul at this Azeri embassy speaks decent english. If it is possible I will try to arrange to pick up the visa in Tashkent, otherwise the wait is likely four days. I could visit the isskul lake or just relax somewhere and enjoy the cool mountain areas. 

From there I go to Aktau. Romantic sounding isn't it? Like Kashgar. Istanbul. Anyway, this will take me all the way across Uzbekistan through Samarkand (I like the sound of  that one too) Bukhara past the now defunct Aral Sea and back into Kazakhstan. This the is apex of the journey. The hardest part. While traveling through Uzbekistan, I should make sure to solve any problems that may have cropped up for at the end of that stan I arrive at the longest continuously uninhabited area on my trip. I'll have to fill my reserve jerry cans full of water and fuel, take some extra food and camp out in the desert for at least three nights. By now I should be used to camping though unless I've succumbed to laziness. My budget wont allow me to stay in hotels very often. After I reach Aktau, I may be in for a weeks delay while I wait for the dreaded Caspian Sea ferry. 

From here I have my final leg. I'll be wanting to get back on the bike so I probably wont spend much time in Baku. My transit visa is for 5 days but I plan to make it to Georgia in three. Once there I'll cross over to the black sea in another 2 or 3 days and enter Turkey. From here I have another decision. If I'm behind schedule, I'll take the  direct route straight to Istanbul along the black sea. If Im ahead i'll go south from Trabzon to Adana, follow the Mediterranean sea to the Aegean and head north to Soke, Manisa, Bursa, take a bath in Thermal and finally drive, or maybe walk at this point, triumphantly into Istanbul.




I'll probably follow the northern yellow path in the east of China to the white one. Then follow the teal path to the Caspian. 










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Now USB and Cigarette Lighter will be put on the RX3.



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  • 2 weeks later...







ATTENTION to all interested in getting your own RX3..you can check the prototype display at EAST WORLD motorstar at 10th ave caloocan around 1week to 2 weeks from now.

ZONGSHEN RX3 Adventure touring bike
standard series carburator type
6 speed
4 valve
16L fuel tank capacity
Inverted jumbo forks
Adjustable rear shocks
Twin radiator and cooling fan
Double piston rear n front disc breaks
Digital gauge
Patented crash guards
2 touring side box
1 touring top box
USB and Cigarette chargers for long ride connections for GPS etc

Available colors only Orange or Red RX3

It is now OPEN TO ALL to avail reservation of the rx3.

Just go to the nearest MOTORSTAR BRANCHES in your place and make reservation. Just choose the DOWNPAYMENT and INSTALMENT scheme that fits you. Just fill up reservation forms for the Rx3 and choose your instalment scheme.

You may email also mr.noah sun at [email protected]

RESERVATIONs till AUG 15, 2014 at your nearest MOTORSTAR branches in your places!

You can pay the lowest DP now then may change to higher DP to avail much lower M/A before you get your RX3. (check instalment scheme on the pictures)

Rx3 is also know as the baby adventure touring bike. They have 2 series, the STANDARD series which is the carburator type and the ADVANCE series which is the EFI type. They also have the Rx3 police version but more expensive.

In russia it is named M1NSK TRX300i and in europe as HONLEY RX250..in asian country its ZONGSHEN RX3 ZS250GY

Thanks and Cheers to all!




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i know david you love chinese products whether it's there tablets, there electric motorcycles or now there gas motorcycles but us in the real world know that most of there 

stuff is crap especially sold here in the philippines. maybe what's sold in the U S is better quality because the U S goverment requires them to warranty there products but overall i'd take a japanese or thailand or almost anywhere else manufactured product then chinese even if the chinese product is cheaper. oh and yes when the chinese product is brand new

advertised they all look beautiful but give the chinese product a short time and they don't stand up. i saw some chinese electric motorcycles at park mall yesterday and they looked like plastic toys...

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Looks very sweet Dave but at 385 pounds that's a road bike only.  Too heavy for the technical twisties man. Wouild really suck to have to pick that thing up and recover dropped on some aborted hillclimb.  Even 250 pounds is too heavy in my book. (I am weak) Sub 250 pounds, 25+ horsepower hi-torque low rpm grunt motor, long travel stiff suspension and low seat height is my recipe for a bike. I have yet to find one!!


Dave Dude

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All this cut and paste stuff makes me think you might have hand on intrest on importing these to PI ?


Is there any members here who does ride these Chinese bikes.


What is their "personal" view about them in comparison to their previous daily rides.


Seriously David.  Would you trade in your Serrow for one of these?

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All this cut and paste stuff makes me think you might have hand on intrest on importing these to PI ?


Is there any members here who does ride these Chinese bikes.


What is their "personal" view about them in comparison to their previous daily rides.


Seriously David.  Would you trade in your Serrow for one of these?


I invested Php4M into 'V8 Motorcycles & Spare Parts Dealer' via MOA Contracts to import Zongshen Motorcyles into Philippines under a MVDP over 5 years ago.


In May 2009 I and 7 others, filed Syndicated Estafa Court Cases here in Cebu against Catherine L Soronio et Al.


There is not much wrong with Zongshen Cyclone Range, that can't be said of Catherine L Soronio however, who travelled to Manila and filed a Case with Department of Justice to try and get all of us Foreigners, who invested and filed Cases against her, Deported, under working as V8 Motorcycle Dealers and not having a valid 'Work Permit'!




The Sole Proprieter, Ms Catherine LSoronio has now filed a bogus complaint with Burea of Immigration, stating that we were

"doing business in the Philippines without the proper visa or permit from the appropriate government agencies".


"The said aliens, through misrepresentation and fraudulent intent, entered into a dealership/ investment agreement with 'V8 Motorcvcle and Parts Dealer' with business address and showroom at ROT Bulldlnq, Mandaue City, Cebu without disclosing that they were not authorized to enter into said dealership/investment agreement on account or their immigration status because none of them are bearers of investors visas or clothed with the proper permit to capacitate them to act as business dealers of V8".


We received 'Notice of Hearing' from the Bureau of Immigration.


"                                   NOTICE OF HEARING 


            In connection with the complaint filed against you by Catherine Soronio. you are hereby directed to appear before the undersigned and bring your passports and other immigration document. on 10 July, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. at Room 403, Law and Investigation Division, Bureau of Immigration, Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila.


            Failure on your part to appear on the scheduled date of hearing shall warrant the filing of the deportation case against you.


            Further, you are hereby required to submit your answer and/or counter affidavit to the complaint within seven (7) days from receipt hereof.





       Special Prosecutor



I have already contacted Atty. Serefin Abellon who I understand holds the rank of Legal Officer 2 at the BI 7since the Regional Directorof BI, in Cebu suggested Serafin Abellon might be able to talk with Atty. Henry B. Tubban and explain that I do indeed have Permanent Residence Status through 13 (A) Visa. Hopefully there will not be a need for me to attend such hearing, since the complaint against me by CatherineLSoronio is bogus.


I will ask Atty. Ervin Estandarte if I/we should file a Counter Affidavit of Complaint for Malicious Harassment, and Intimidation, as well as Perjury against Catherine LSoronio, since there was no misrepresentation and fraudulent intent on my part, as I for one, being Permanent Resident status, and exempt the need for Alian Employment Permit do not need any investors visas or  any permit to capacitate me to act as business dealers of V8,. Was parting with my funds so she could pay for a consignment of Motorcycles direct from Chinese Manufacturer, Zongshen, minimum consignment value of Php25M, we were told, acting as a ‘Business Dealer’ or just an investor, in any case?



I am contacting you, to ask if indeed if Catherine LSoronio, sole proprietor of this Company "V8 Motorcvcle and Parts Dealer" was indeed properly registered business name and company allowed to offer 'Securities' to prospective investors like ourselves.


Catherine LSoronio is trying to evade prosecution from our filing a case of Syndicated Estafa against her, with Cebu City Prosecutors Office.


Myself and the other investors scammed by Catherine LSoronio, would appreciate any information (or lack of) on this Company Name/ Business Registration.

Would also like to know if indeed she was legally allowed to offer such ‘Dealership MOA Contracts’ to such ‘Angel Investors’ as a means of bypassing normal fund raising process for her Business expansion.


We have copies of Documents, that her CLS Group, Finance Department produced, to entice prospective Investors to put Funds into such “V8 Motorcycles and Parts Dealer” business.  Said Documents mention some Php350M as having been raised from such ‘Dealership Program’.


“Proof that they entered into a business transaction in the Philippines for profit are the Certificates of Dealership and the

Memoranda of Agreement, attached as annexes A-E, which are all self explanatory. There is no showing either that they

paid the appropriate taxes to our government from the profits that they earned from said dealership”.


I wonder if Catherine LSoronio also included a copy of the Bank Guarantee, and the Resolution passed by 2/3 the Shareholders of Oriental Bank (RB of Mabinay), and mentioned she is the President of that same Bank.


I wonder if she mentioned that BPI Checks issued to us Investor Dealers, started bouncing from 16th January 2009


None of us received more than 5/12 of our initial Investment funds, of July/Aug 2008, and considerably less than this for later placements.


I personally will pay Tax on any profits that I end up making, but looks like we need this Syndicated Estafa case against Catherine LSoronio to proceed and then get awarded our claims under the Civil aspect first.  In fact I need to increase my Filing Fees by Pgp800K to cover those Checks assigned to paying off a Loan that I took out with Oriental Bank, that had been approved by Dr. N. Libre, Chairman of the Board, in a Board Meeting back in December 2008.


Perhaps the BIR should investigate if Catherine LSoronio paid taxes, from the funds she siphoned off the Php350M* obtained from us Investor/Dealers (*according to those financial documents she was showing to prospective investors)?


The following was some advice that I received from a Tony Cura, licensed Financial Consultant with Sun Life, I believe:-


1.     Since this is an offering of an investment to the general public, this can be construed as an offering of unregistered securities which is a violation of the Securities Regulation Code.  Hence there is a need to secure first, a secondary license before this is offered to the investing public.  Better clear this out first with SEC if you really want to know the legitimacy of such offering.  You may contact Director Hubert Guevarra of the Enforcement and Compliance Department regarding this matter for his opinion.


2.     Since the owners of the company and the rural bank appears to be the same,  the bank guarantee can be construed as form of DOSRI loan which is frown at by BSP rules.


We appreciate any information you can offer regarding the Business registration of 'V8 Motorcvcle and Parts Dealer' with business address and showroom at ROT Buildlnq, Mandaue City, Cebu.


Advice on the legality of her offering such Dealership Program to the General Public, will also be appreciated (even if we ask this too late, as we already been scammed by her Ponzi scheme).


I attach the document I put together detailing this investment after I already placed Php1M into this V8 Motorcycle Dealership Program.  I had already cashed the first check of Php83,333,34. I was considering adding cash from succeeding months, to perhaps go after another Php1M, if I could find 5 others to form a new ‘Group of 6’ and we all get 100%pa ROI.  You can no doubt see I was excited and enthusiastic, but too trusting of Catherine LSoronio to honor the promises together with Oriental Bank sticking to that Bank Guarantee.


We never even learned until April 2009, that the reason the 900 x V8 Motorcycles in the Mandaue warehouse of Toro Motors (Zongshen Philippines importer/representative), were not in these V8 Motorcycles Showrooms being sold via Financing from the CLS Group Banks, was because Zongshen shipped with essential parts missing, as Soronio still owed Zongshen Php10M!)


So what did Soronio do with that Php350M, if Php10M of that not spent on the Zongshen Motorcycles that were the ‘key’ component in this Dealership Plan?


Catherine Soronio will hopefully learn she cant buy her way out of this one, and file fabricated charges with the BI, to try and get us Foreigners ‘out of the way’ to stop the case of Syndicated Estafa we filed against her and others who colluded with her to scam the funds from us, by not even paying for these Motorcycles, that then invalidated the Bank Guarantee by means of a stipulation in the Bank Resolution..


"RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved, that the Bank guarantees to pay whatever sum or sums of money that said V8 Motorcycle and Parts Dealer

has committed to its sub-dealers pursuant to their sub-dealership agreement; Provided, a) the funds so obtained shall be used exclusively as its (V8 

Motorcycle and Parts Dealer) additional working capital for business expansion purposes; and b) all costs and expenses related to said subdealership

agreement shall be borne by V8 Motorcycle and Parts Dealer."


Best regards,


David & Salome Whittall




But this import of Zongshen Motorcles by Catherine L Soronio of V8 Motorcyles & Spare Parts Dealer in 2008,  but not paying Zongshen the Php10M owed, when allegedly securing Php350M, is 'Off-Topic' as far as Zongshen CYCLONE RX3 being imported by Motorstar in 2014 is concerned.


Moderators - feel free to delete!



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Published on 24 Apr 2014 
Video Review Zongshen Motorcycle ZS250GY 3RX 3 Mototek. Motorcycle

Обзор мотоцикла Zongshen ZS250GY-3 (RX3)
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Seems really heavy for a 250cc bike. 

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