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phil health - should Filipina who gets pregnant get it?

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Whoops - wrong title to this thread - I mean phil health, not tri-care......but I don't know how to change the thread title. :(


I don't know too much about phil health. If a Filipina gets pregnant, is it worth it for her to start paying for phil health to help defray her delivery costs?


Maybe someone is able to evaluate this who knows the details of the plan rules?



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Assuming the Filipina qualifies for Tricare things like location and access to Tricare approved care, and the status of current health care coverage would all be things to factor in to the discussion.


I would first ask have you visited http://www.tricare.mil/


this may answer many of your questions.  If she is not qualified to join it makes the decision really easy. 


ok then forget what i just said :ontopic:

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Whoops - wrong title to this thread - I mean phil health, not tri-care......but I don't know how to change the thread title.



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from my end Phil Health is always a good idea. For a minimal monthly contribution you get at least some coverage.


Bear in mind even if the mother is insured the newborn is not covered, you first need to endorse the kid and submit the birth certificate.

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Salty Dog

She might have some minimum time she has to be a paid member before she can obtain coverage?

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The title reads Phil Health should Filipina who gets preg get it, my opinion is that all Filipinos should have it or some form of health insurance as long as they can afford to get it and especially whenever a foreigner is in the picture, but they probably need to get it way before not after already preg. 


PhilHealth Benefits  page confuses me a bit, you might wish to read it to see what you make of it


The do not pay much but something is better than nothing. 


  3. Maternity Care Package (MCP) 8,000


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Headed that way

It covers pregnancy even if the person is pregnant when they sign up.  Not a lot but the good point is that you have someone looking over the billing to keep things reasonable.


My kano friend and his wife just went through having a baby, total cost was twenty or thirty thousand pesos for a hospital delivery.  One employee is in the middle of a pregnancy and will travel home to their province for the birth because it is much cheaper there even with the Philhealth coverage.


I set a rule early on for my gf, no one gets help with medical bills unless they have signed up for Philhealth but I will cover the monthly philhealth cost for any family members and half the cost for adopted family members (only one or two in that category).   But most of these folks in the provinces don't have ID cards or birth certificates so they are slow to sign up.  One adopted grandma started dying and we spent around 10,000 before the gf figured out that money wasn't going to save the adopted grandma and a member of her family showed up to take her home to Leyte to die.  Sad business.  


Another adopted "ate" got sick and I kicked in 3000 but drew the line there cause she had refused to get on Philhealth.  Gf is slowly waking up to the fact that if you don't take care of your self first then few will help you in need so she has learned to save more than she gives away from her salary.

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