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DIY Battery Making

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I found this an interesting read.



This is not a field i have read alot about so i would like to hear from other members with more experience.

A few things i do ask to help all of us to learn:


If you find flaws please post as much information as you can, why is it wrong? what would happen if you tried it? what is the correct safe way to do it?

is there a better cheaper way to do this?  is there new groundbreaking ideas that have not been included in this document?



The author has a few other projects of interest on his main site but please start a new topic to cover any of them.


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kids in class always get a "charge" out of making simple battery cells with beakers,  metals, chemicals and a salt bridge  - science can be fun  :-)  just remember Leo goes Ger    lose electron oxidized  -  gain electrons reduced     and  red cat   the reduction (gain of electrons)  happens at the cathode of a cell   - oxidation(gain of electrons)  at the anode     so electrons flow from the anode to the cathode   

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From a breaking bad article...


Anyone who had metal amalgam fillings as a child will recall the weird sensation of accidentally getting a piece of aluminium sweet wrapper in your mouth. The saliva was acting as the electrolyte solution. The metal filling and foil were acting as the two different metals, and we were being electrocuted by our very own mouth battery. Walt's explanation is fairly accurate but unfortunately such a simple battery would only provide a tiny amount of the power required to turn over an engine.

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