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Hi Precision Diagnostics,

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thinking of saving myself a trip back home to Aus.  I have no medical probs. but i do like an anual check up.


this test ( see below )  is available at Hi Precision Diagnostics who i believe have a very good reputation, my thoughts are that i can get the test, see what i understand, if no probs, great..... if probs, send results back to my Doc in Oz and get comments, .....


any one experienced the service offered by this company ?  they have several surgeries around Cebu / Mandaue.




1. Alkaline Phosphatase
2. Bilirubin
3. Blood Urea Nitrogen
4. CHEST PA 180
5. Chloride
6. Cholesterol
7. Complete Blood Count
8. Creatinine
10. Fasting Blood Sugar
11. HbA1c (IE-HPLC)
12. Lipoprotein
13. Occult Blood
14. PSA
15. Potassium
16. Routine Fecalysis
17. Routine Urinalysis
20. Sodium
21. Total Calcium
22. Total Protein/ALB/GLOB
23. Triglycerides
24. Uric Acid


cost quoted      4950 pesos


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I had most of that done at Hi - Precision in Cebu a couple year back and was happy with the result.  I would have it done again if and when needed.  A local doctor gave recommendations based on the results but most of the results are searchable on Google so you can self analyze if you are that way inclined.   I see no reason why you could not email the result to your home doctor if your relationship with him is good.

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Jim in Cebu

Since our family returns to the States during the Philippine summer school break to visit family and friends, I routinely get standard labwork done at Hi-Precision before I leave -- and then take it to our Stateside family doctor when I have a routine check-up.  This saves a lot of money on routine labwork.

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