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Does anyone know of a school transportation service to/from Talisay or Tabunok area?


Do you know anyone who has experience with using such a service?

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Does anyone have information about school transportation services?  I see them now and again on the National Road between Cebu and Talisay City, but never paid attention to the name or contact number. 

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Most school transportation services are tied to a specific school. I see UC and USC buses all over the place.

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We used to use the school specific service from here in Talisay to their school in Labangon.

School specific meaning the school itself operates the vehicle only for the school's students.

The fee was appropriate when you considered the time and effort saved, plus fuel plus wear and tear. The fee was pro-rata with distance from the school.

The only downside was we were second furthest away on the run. This transposes to 2nd earliest to be picked up in the morning, and 2nd to last to be dropped off in the evening.

For a 7 yr old to be up, dressed and ready to go for 6 am and get home around 6pm makes for a long day!!

It served its purpose, but now we drop the kids em-route to the office and a family member does the afternoon pick up while collecting their kid from a different school.

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