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Veco’s net-metering encourages solar generation, power savings

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A lot of times on this sort of deal the utility will buy at retail ONLY until the customers net use is zero, and pays wholesale after that. Depends on local laws and policies. If they are forced to buy at retail there is some money to be made there, because electricity can be generated a lot cheaper than the retail cost.

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Well...up to the point where they meter shows you generated more than you used, they would have no choice but to pay retail...since your meter would spin backwards and they couldn't charge you for electricity flow unless the meter shows it. They could only charge for the monthly electrical shortfall of your solar system (that electricity that you used beyond what your solar system could produce). If you did generate more than you used in a month, then the surplus production would likely be purchased by the utility at wholesale prices.

That's typical.

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Hello! Anybody has any news about the same possibility offered by CEBECO?


Sorry I cannot comment about CEBECO but saw a reference recently that MERALCO (NCR) now offer a net metering scheme.

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