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Would you marry a bar girl? (ex-bar girl)

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It would be pretty shallow for someone to judge a woman who worked in a bar. I know - because many years ago, I was one of those people.


And I would have been one of those people too.


I am glad my mind has grown with experience and I respect other people whose age does not diminish their capacity to learn and grow.

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What a bunch of ignorant, judgemental hypocrites we have here.   Lets start a thread for young Filipina’s - “Would you marry an old, fat and ugly foreigner ?”   Stereotypes are great aren’t they

Strange how guys who never ever frequented a bar or went with a prostitute have all the answers.....?   When we see foul mouthed drunken " ladies" on some of the reality t.v. Shows and compare them

Maybe I should elaborate a bit.   Years ago I dated MANY bargirls, and was friends with many more. I had sex with ONE, that's right, ONE. It was a big letdown.   Now, the Pointman business brings

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When you find the right one her past won't matter. I'm sure everyone's past has some deep dark secret that is possibly worse than being a bar girl.


Although I don't see being a bar girl as a bad thing, no different than Manny P. Boxing, Beckham playing soccer etc. She is using a talent to earn a living. Not everyone can do it. At least they are trying and not begging or scamming.


Transmitted through thought

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I can not answer for today but when I worked at Clark some 25 years ago I did not find most of the girls that were working in bar to be interested in the bar life but there in hope of finding a husband or at worst making enough money to support themselves and extended family.  Believe 'the bar' was not a part of what they wanted in life if there was any choice and believe the number that married and remained married reflected this.  I was much younger but still a father figure to many as was drinking mango juice and not really looking for partners so many confided and found them to be very honest and sincere.  Of coarse there were and are exceptions but by and large believe most would have been good wives to there husbands.

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I <3 Cebu

I have a range of problems with it stemming off the affect that type of lifetyle has on their ability to lead a normal life..


PASS, no thanks, not for me & no excuse under the sun could ever change my mind!

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"Would you marry a bar girl? (ex-bar girl)




I will never marry, especially here in the Philippines with the laws we have here.
But there are many who marries former prostitute without knowing it, many finance education this way.




Students by day, sex workers by night

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My view is that I dont care how many partners a girl has had before I met her, and so I wouldnt be concerned about her previous life. I think it hypocritical to want a virgin, when I have had plenty of prior experience.


The problem I have when I think of most bar girls is not their work but the partners they have had. I see it like this, would you put your thing into a hole in the wall knowing that hundreds of other dirty, slobby, ugly guys from all races and backgrounds also put their thing in that same hole in the wall? It's not much different. I have met and talked to bar girls and you would be surprised that the ones in Cebu are not all prostitutes. Some will only dance and talk to customers or maybe meet a guy rarely via text the next day, of course many will do barfines too but you can usually pick them out  or find out from them or the other girls who is new etc.   Would I marry a bargirl,?no but I would consider dating her as I don't plan to ever get married and if she was like the one I mentioned in the other thread, one that has not been with other guys. Would I date a bargirl who I knew had done a few barfines, maybe, she would have to be very special and I would need some assurance she only slept with a couple of guys but how could I really know?. It's a physiological thing for me, I'm sure there is nothing dirty about them if they have medical checks but I don't like the thought of knowing other guys slept with her. Of curse all this thinking goes out the window after a few drinks, this is how I think when I'm sober. I will now step aside for Daveo to comment ;)

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We may have different definitions of what a bar girl is.  If we're talking about a girl who works at a bar such as a hostess, bartender, dishwasher, cashier, manager, or a product promo girl then I don't have a problem with that.  It's a regular job.


Although my definition of a "bar girl" is based on Malate and Angeles.  The GROs.  They sit with customers, drink with them, then the customer pays the mamasan to take the girl outside then they have sex for money.  Girl comes back to the bar, picks another customer and so on.  How many of you are willing to marry this one?  Girls who are into this business have issues that can't easily be fixed.  Some of them are meth addicts.  It's not something they can just say "ok, this is the last dick I'm gonna suck.  Tomorrow, I'm going back to college."


There's a big difference between a girl who had a lot of ex-boyfriends and a prostitute.

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Nope, I wouldn't marry a bargirl.


I just can't take a girl seriously when she's been with multiple guys in the last few days (some in the last few hours), feeding me the same lines she just fed the last dude. I prefer to have fun and enjoy the company of a bargirl, if she has time off/free day, but wouldn't ever take it to the next level.

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Just considering the topic, "Is having a bar girl a date?", I was wondering how many would, or would not, marry a bar girl. (Presumeably, an ex bar girl.)


My view is that I dont care how many partners a girl has had before I met her, and so I wouldnt be concerned about her previous life.

I think it hypocritical to want a virgin, when I have had plenty of prior experience.


But, that is just my personal view.


What is yours?


And, will anyone admit that their partner used to work in a bar?



I would not marry her for many reasons but on the other hand I would live with her for sure and than another and another until until the end of my time


ps...just day dreaming here...I am very happy married to my virgin wife

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For some of the Bar Girls the scars run too deep for them to change.  If you stay in the same area the locals will know what she was and that could be problematic. Also, moving away from her friends from the bar scene would be wise.  If the girl was right and the situation was right and we had a clear understanding about her associations with her past friends then yes I would.

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One day they may even consummate their marriage. :D

I'm still waiting for her to look of legal age!

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The simple answer is - no. There are some posters here who talk about morality, the "he who is without sin..." kind of thing. I totally agree. I have nothing morally against someone with a bar girl past (or present) and here in the US I have 2 friends who were former escorts. Nice women - but I wouldn't marry them either.


For that matter I would have nothing against a girl with only a 6th grade education or the IQ of a hamster - we might well be friends - but I wouldn't marry them either.


There are too many reasons that marriages fail and it makes no sense to add one more fairly large issue. And there are too many great girls in the Philippines who managed to avoid the bars, so I focused on them.


OTOH, I am old enough and been around the block often enough to know that most, if not all, women have had sex for money or gain in some way, shape or form. That's a fact of life, but still not the same as being a prostitute.

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Depends on the girl....some I would, some I would not. I would not say just because she is a ex-bargirl that it would disqualify her from consideration, way too many factors to consider. A good wife is a good wife regardless of what she did in the past :)

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i have known a few very bright and pretty girls that chose to work in bars rather than stay in school that was being paid for by a foreigner because they found school to be boring.   they had options to leave the bars but they enjoyed the excitement of the party life and were willing to pay for it by working those bars.  I have a feeling that they will want to change as they outgrow the desire to party but by then it will probably be too late to go back to a more normal life.


so as far as becoming serious with one i would have done it if i had found one that was ready to be serious but it didnt happen.  instead i'm now engaged to a girl that went to school in a convent and almost became a nun!  getting married next week, wish me luck.. lol

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