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Consolacion Community College

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i convinced the wife to enroll this year to try to get her teaching degree. school started on 6/02/14 and so far so good. she has classes Monday & Wednesday 8am to 5pm, Friday 8am to 3pm and Saturday 6am to 9am. she loves having Tuesdays & Thursdays off.


she is on track to get her degree in 3 years. she says the structure of the education is good, better that university of Cebu (she attended UC back in 1995/1996).she says the teachers are all top notch, most seem to be older, more experienced.


she was extremely nervous at 1st, being 37 in a newer college surrounded by 16/17 yr olds. much to our surprise there are about 10 students older than her.


3 weeks into school and she has already has an open disagreement with her Filipino culture teacher. apparently the teacher was going "old school" talking about how a cheating husband is the wifes fault and how more men would work If the woman gave them more encouragement. of course mine is outspoken and couldn't imagine these impressionable youth believing the stuff so she spoke up.


she has been elected class president and now has 10 + 16/17 girls following her every move. they are now school mates, text mates and even has a few of them walking to school with her to save the habal-habal fare.


the facilities at CCC are very lacking. no fan, no decoration & not very clean. she is organizing a group to hang around after Saturday morning class and go a clean up. she has also spoken to the barangay capt to supply some fans for the school as well.


the tuition fee is p10k per semester (southwestern university is p23k per semester)

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