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malayan travel insurance: worthwhile?

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my wife just threw this at me for our upcoming trip.  she says malayan insurance has something called trip insurance and that i should look into it.  what this really means is that i should look into it and then give my approval for the decision that she has already made to buy it.


so they have a website and i am about to look into it, but the thought crossed my mind that maybe somebody has had experience with this or a similar insurance package.


so should i let this thought just go on and breeze out through my other ear or has somebody some thoughts/experience on the matter?


fyi:   trip is to the u.s., about 34 days for the wife and 18 year old kid and a total of about 54 days for me, some of which will also be in canada.  about 3000 miles of rental car driving on my part and a short round trip by plane to san antonio from kentucky.


as always any comments are much appreciated.



also fyi:  the house here will be occupied by people and there won't be much of any real value in it anyway so don't bother trying to figure out where i live...

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Man I always have thought travel insurance to be the worlds biggest scam. This is just my opinion and yes I am un-insured. Knock on wood I don't regret it but insurance in general, it's a business and a good one so what are really the odds of u needing it.


Please note my advice is terrible and should not be treated as advice from a professional nor be taken as advice to anyone....


But how many people do u personally know that have said I'm so glad I took travel insurance. Fine print in most of these contracts makes it bullshit anyway.


Please note again this advice may not be right for u and u should speak and listen to anyone that's not me



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Allianz paid for expenses after a cancelled flight, as promised. They asked for documentation but once received didn't question the cancelled flight, alternate transportation, food receipt, taxi or even the tips. On line claim form, too.

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I would be leary of any Philippine based insurer - regardless of their HQ country.


I looked into similar insurance (mostly wanting the health part covered) for my wife when we went to the states last year and quickly learned most places dont cover the US for such things and those that do were crazy expensive.


Philippine Blue Cross says they cover you for trips outside but I trust them about as much as a Nazi telling a Jewish person they were about to have a shower.


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I have been buying a annual 12 month trip policy from Allianz for the past 4 years for my wife and  I, for less $400.00 a year and they have paid every claim I submitted. They will post money to get you admitted to hospital, and I believe I have had 3 medical claims in the last 4 years . I have bought trip insurance for several years from a company on the net. called ( square mouth) they rate policies and guide you to the best for your needs. They have saved  my butt several times over the years. I was in hospital for 10 days in 2012 with a fever and they paid most of my bill that Phil-health did not.

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Same here, Have always used travel insurance.


Had time in hospital last year in Malaysia when I was there for work and they paid the lot.


My sister used hers in Australia when my nephew got chicken pox and wasn't allowed to fly. Travel insurance rebooked all the flights and laid for expenses.


If you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel.

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