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Noticed few post dealing with Agent Orange. I got a funny but true story to share with you guys about that. So mods if you find this inappropriate please don’t boot me.

During my second tour in 1970 let’s just say my attitude towards the Army changed. I was in trouble all the time. During one of my many extra duty details was sent out to help burn pot field that was sprayed few days prior by the defoliant now known as Agent Orange.

Being the good little stoner I was at the time couldn’t pass up chance for free high. So I took the filters out of my gas mask. Didn’t take long and I was laying flat on my back. Sgt yelled at me to get back to work “Sorry Sgt am to stoned to move” Needless to say I lost another strip for that.

Was discharged not long after and was admitted to American Lakes VA Hospital. Had a bad rash inside my lungs from what they said was mild chemical infection and doc said don’t worry its temporary and would go away. YEAH OK

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