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2nd/surplus hand tires

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Does anyone know of a place around Lapu Lapu/Mandaue/Banilad/Cebu area

where I could buys some used/second hand tires.


I have 08 Mitsubishi Lancer and all the tires are bold.
I dont want to purchase brand new tires for the car because I may end up selling this case in the next year or so.

New set of branded tires (x4) costing around 2,500 per pieace (yokohoma/ Dunlop and so on)

I would very much prefer buying 2nd hand tires for the car.



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v.rama and duterte st in the guadalupe/banawa area has many road side tire shops that stock used tires. you may also try the shell gas station on escario st next to mcdo as they stock some brand new chinese tires that are great and much cheaper than branded ones. no need to worry of the chinese tire's quality or heat rating as the type of speeds one reaches here in cebu and mactan would hardly be an issue. we have used those chinese brand tires for years without any failures.

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I know it's a little out of the way but if you can get to the mambaling flyover then there is a tyre place I think it's called je je,s tires. If your driving from Cebu to talisay it's on the left underneath the flyover next to the sunrays bus garage. Huge stocks of tyres there as I had 2 all terrain tyres put on my mitsubishi delica & cost about php 2,200 for both if I recall. Hope you find what your looking for. Also the mitsubishi dealership is near to it & a parts supply store that caters a lot for mitzy bits I got my front brake pads there cost me php 650 compared to the 1.500 I was quoted to supply by the garage.

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The Chinese tires are cheap but for a tiny bit more you can buy the Indian ones. Much better and may help you sell the car.

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